10 Best Mobile Apps Used for Education Purposes

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Tabs, Smartphones, iPad and apps are ruling the entire world, then how education could forbore the race? All these smart devices and apps are storming into all classrooms throughout the world.  But how would you make out which mobile apps are used by parents, students, teachers or administrators?

It’s not a simple chore, to figure this out. Yet, you can rest ascertained that there are unquestionably a few apps, which are used slightly more than others. For instance, it has been seen that Dropbox and Edmodo are used pretty much by all school around Cambridge. Well, following are some of the most used and popular mobile apps being used for education and learning purposes.


On account of the enchantment and miracle of cloud computing, educators who are always busy can access their files from various devices they have linked with their personalized networks, entailing they never leave an imperative digital document at home! Advantages:

  • Share Stored Files
  • Saves time
  • Convenient to use
  • Use it with students

Documents To Go:

Accessible for almost all PDA platforms and Smartphone, “Documents To Go” presents the complete suite of Microsoft Office and saving a file on one single device can by default makes changes to all connected ones!

Lab Guru:

Science professors having iPad mostly use well-known “Lab Guru” app to frame experiment and add them into the field for taking and sharing notes.


Instructors with idevices cherish this application for doing precisely what the name says it does – help them in maintaining track of which student attend which class and when.


It is a free web tool and app, which helps teachers to organize their notes, files and chapters. It has been proved to be a great app for teachers, both to keep themselves organized and to ease student learning. Advantages:

  • Record main lectures
  • Organize the research
  • Able to take notes
  • Work as portable textbook

The Elements: A Visual Exploration:

Indeed non-science lovers totally admire “The Elements” ipad application, which represents the periodic table with properly detailed images and extensive data about all the essential segments of everyday matter.


Teachers prefer to use the sagacious, open source lectures accessible through TED to add on their class lessons (on numerous topics) and even get familiar with number of things they themselves didn’t know before.


Twitter has appeared as an amazingly educational tool that gives teachers and students an easy way to communicate that goes far beyond school hours and classrooms. It helps to keep classed engaged and up-to-date on school activities.

Science 360:

Idevice and Android users can watch videos and listen to audios on topics related to sciences, making it a totally impeccable asset for sharing with students and boosting general knowledge.

Quick Graph:

For math teachers, Quick Graph gives most detailed visuals of mobile computing when it has to calculate equations in three or two dimensions.

Which app you prefer to use in with your students in school? Does it improves student teacher interaction and learning process—what’s your opinion regarding this? Do share with us.

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