5 Best Ways To Create High Quality and Natural Backlinks

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Talking about the important tactics of the internet marketing, backlinks come in the top ones. The links to your website placed on other higher authority websites are the best way to direct a lot of traffic to your website. Plus, these links also help you get high ranks on the various search engines. More you build the backlinks, better it will be.

However, a thing you need to keep in mind for getting success through backlinks is creating high-quality backlinks by implementing the right strategies. Though there are a lot of strategies for creating backlinks, but all of them are not effective in bringing traffic or good rankings. Also, some strategies are illegal that can cause your website penalized by the Google. So, in order to get success through backlinks, you must ensure the use of right strategies. Here, we are going to enlist the best ways that will let you build high-quality backlinks and bring a direct traffic to your website.

1. Answering to the questions Q&A mediums

People use to put their queries and questions on the different Q&A mediums (like Quora, Yahoo, etc.) where anyone can provide an answer to their queries. Subreddits also provide answers to various questions in the same way. You can use these websites for creating backlinks.

So, what you need to do is:

– Create an account on each of these websites.

– Follow the latest entries, questions, topics, subreddits.

– Find out the topics/questions that are relevant to your website’s content.

– Submit sincere, direct and right answers to those questions.

– Add a link to your own content at the end of the answer.

You must ensure that your content provides the right information on the particular topic. Also, it would be better if you can find the questions for which you are already having the blog posts.


2. Putting links in the related blogs through comments

It is a good opportunity until your links are spam and it’s totally up to you that how you use this opportunity. If you are adding links to your content, unnecessarily, then not only the blog owners will remove them but your website will also get penalized by Google. In order to make this opportunity work for you, you must ensure that you are posting the links alongside the relevant comments.

In the case your link is appropriate and provide crucial information about the concept, chances are great that it will be added in the main article. For preventing your links from becoming spam, follow the below-given process:

– Know your content’s main concept and find the related articles. You can get help from Google Alerts.

– Post a relevant comment and drop a link to your content. Read the whole article, focus on its key idea and then post a comment accordingly. Then add a link in such a way that it would provide further information on the content.

The more your comment and blog are relevant to the article, greater will be chances of getting success as it will make your links natural.


3. Building the broken links

Broken links are the ones that lead to nowhere, i.e. the visitors of the website are sent to the page that does not exist. And it creates a bad user experience. In the broken link building, you will be notifying the web-maters about these links on their websites and will be offering them your own link to replace the broken ones. This strategy has a great success rate as you are providing someone the solution for a problem. Here are the steps to work on this strategy:

– Find the blogs having the same niche as of yours.

– Visit each page of the blog and find the broken links. You can also use one of the available tools to locate the links.

– Inform the blog owner about the links by providing them the full information, like making him know about the page the link is placed on. And then ask him to replace the link by your own link.

To get more opportunities, try to look around the blogs that are there for quite a long time.


4. Claiming links on the unlinked mentions

If you are sure that your blog is good enough that it would have been mentioned in other blogs, then this opportunity will work great for you. In this, you would be looking for the websites that have mentioned your website’s name but have not provided a link to it. You can use Google Alert, Mention and any of other tools to find such mentions.

Once you have found such mentions, send an email to the website owner thanking him for mentioning you and requesting him to include a link on that mention. Ensure to keep your pitch nice for getting success.

5. Guest Posting

Guest posting is an excellent way of getting backlinks, provided that the links are relevant and the content is of high quality. You must focus on creating really high-quality content, otherwise, all your time will get wasted. Here is the whole process:

– First of all, look for the websites that have the same focus as of yours.

– Now, do a selection of the best websites which are having high DA (Domain Authority) and high ranking.

– Approach the website owners and ask them for a guest posting, ensuring them that you would provide a good quality content to engage their audience.

– While writing the guest posts, add few but relevant links into the write-up. The links should be added in such a way that they should look natural rather than being promotional.

– Include a link to the desired page while writing author profile.


All these strategies, when put up together, will attract a great traffic to your website by building a large number of backlinks. Here is a valuable tip- never take backlinks as a way of business promotion; instead, create these links while keeping in mind the needs of the target audience. In this way, you will be able to create the natural links and this, in turn, will bring a lot of promotion to your business.

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