5 Web Design Trends to follow in 2016

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A successful web design is a creative artwork with smooth functioning. The web sites should not only be decorated well but also they should be appealing from outside and strong from inside. This means that apart from one time designing, a prior plan to control the website working must be ready.

The web2.0 standards talk about the creative and functional designs. It implements the practice of loading the entire information on the website and making it fully functional. This regular practice is adapted till now.

Though web 2.0 tools have provided various techniques for the design, size and database management, but as the demand of up gradation increases, some more changes are going to be implemented in 2016.

The definition of a good design is not limited to just functionality. The website inter connectivity, demand of light weighted web designs and the virtual existence of websites are going to be the latest trends of web design.

As the concepts like cloud computing are getting adapted, it becomes mandatory to rebuild the web designs to go along with such concepts.

The use of freeware and open source technologies have brought revolutionized changes in web designing technologies. The template designing and database driven websites have changed the traditional way of designing.

Now you don’t like to spend much time on overall designing until you have some specific requirements or major issues with the design. The ready to use open source templates fulfill almost all types of designing requirements.

A trend in 2015 was to include light weighted attractive and innovative graphics which are portable in nature. This trend is going to get continued in 2016 also.

Let’s examine the latest 5 website designing trends to be followed in 2016.

The Proliferation of UI Pattern

With the rise of the Word Press websites and template design websites, almost all the websites look similar. There is nothing bad about it, but create a checkpoint menu for a good design. The checkpoints are:

  • The design must be flat. No unwanted side bars

  • The site map must have working links.

  • The size and content resolution of the site must be unique.

  • Design new readable font styles to provide a new look.

  • Use of static HD pictures

  • User oriented design

  • Friendly design for the mobile users

  • Smart use of background animations without any distraction.

  • A good scrolling speed

  • High visibility of images

A regular use of checking your website on the above mentioned parameters, will never let your web design go outdated.

Rich Animations with material Design

There are two types of animations used in website designing.

Large Scale Animations: These animations have the major impact and used to describe the main business for which the site is built.

Small Scale Animations: These animations are created to add the humor to the website. It is like an attraction for some time. This type of animation requires a lot of research which must perfectly blend with the product information as well as with the design.

In 2016, we are going to implement innovative changes in small scale animations. There will be changes in the implementation of:

  • The loading animations must be very small and should not take more that 35-40 secs. To load the page.

  • The hidden menus is a famous Word press theme. It must not be adjusted to cover the home page information.

  • The hover animations must blend with the design and should not be used where sensitive information is displayed.

  • Design galleries and sidebars with the animations will become an outdated trend in 2016.

  • Normally to advertise a product, we take help of motion animation. Undoubtedly, they draw our attention, but the size and loading time of the page shoots up. So we must consider this fact in designing a new website in 2016.

Micro interactions

Micro interactions are the most common method to grab the attention of the user. With the mobile app users, the micro interactions are unavoidable, but the trend of 2016 web design will be, to make them as simple and small as possible.

A trend of human oriented design is going to be followed in 2016 and much focus on the important information displayed at the appropriate time. Micro interactions can’t be ignored, but the timing can be set. An abrupt use distracts the mind of the reader and he likes to skip away from the pages where repeated micro interactions are performed.

Responsive and Dynamic use of information and components

Last year Google launched a new style of designing called material designing which uses shadow, movement and depth effects. These effects are perfectly matched with the main design.

The material design is mainly used for the mobile users. The depth and shadow effects present an insight look which can describe the picture and text side by side. The material design supports common designing tools like HTML, CSS and Java Script. With the launch of Material Design Lite , the material design trend is likely to become more famous in 2016.

Another method of designing is to have a responsive design where there is less content to display. A responsive design follows the RESS ( Responsive and Server Side) techniques. In a good responsive design, load time of the image must be displayed. The use of CSS and Java Script with the images must be avoided. A responsive design is compatible with the cloud concepts too. For bigger websites and especially B2B websites, this type of designing is going to stay for a long time.

A good designing techniques to be followed in 2016 will be dealing with the databases and other components in the discrete format. The page wise placing and connectivity will change the working of the databases. This is done so to support the applications like ERP and to apply data mining concepts.

The effort and the dream of making platform independent websites which can run in multiple environments will now be achieved. The Google and IBM are going to implement this new style of designing in 2016.

Fully object oriented design approach

There was a trend of database driven websites, but the high cost and operational difficulties, made it tough to continue. The new open source technologies and mobile applications have helped in object oriented designing. The concepts like data mining are adopted to operate the database in a well defined manner.

Though this type of designing is the requirement for the big online projects yet this is going to be the latest trend of 2016. If you think of running E Commerce or M Commerce type of services for more than ten years, then this type of website designing is highly recommended.

The OOD approved design is called new generation design which is given equal importance to the design and functional view. The trend of a light weighted design is going to be followed in 2016.

An advice to implement next generation Web Design Trends

Don’t just go with the latest trends mentioned here. It is important to study the users and the organization’s need in depth. Trends are like the helping toolbox which can provide a latest and good looking design.

If the information, services and working of the website is not able to attract the users, then a good design can’t help you in any way.

You must be wondering that which trend I must follow in 2016? The website designing is a set of elements which must best convey your brand.

So in 2016, just keep this concept in your mind that your web design must be:

  • Fully accepted by the customer’s

  • Should represent your brand well.

  • Must be having a technology which is well accepted by web.


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