8 Influential Ways To Convert Organic Traffic Into Loyal Customers

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8 Influential Ways To Convert Organic Traffic Into Loyal Customers

Do you have plenty of organic traffic but still no sale? Do you want to know about different ways to convert the internet traffic into conversions? Do you wish to convert the organic traffic into loyal customers?
Traffic is one thing, but converting it into sales is another. The main motive of a business is to increase customer’s engagement and achieve maximum number of clients. If you own an online business, your main aim is to target the traffic toward your website and convert them into loyal customers.
People often commit a lot of mistakes which can leave their online business lagging behind their competitors. If you wish to stay ahead of the curve, read on to know more about the top 8 influential ways to convert the internet traffic into potential leads.

Not All Traffic Is Equal

By now, you must have understood that it is the quality of the traffic that needs your attention and not quantity. For an online business, 5000 visits a day equals to nothing if none of them has converted. As an entrepreneur, you should always look for traffic that converts which, in other words means, that you must look for customers that are really interested in your services.
Do not follow a marketing strategy just because it worked for your friend’s business. Remember that a strategy that works well for your competitors may be just a waste of time and resources for your business. Therefore, find a unique solution for your company and strive forward to achieve positive results.

Collect Their Email Addressemail-image
Engage your customers enough so that they are ready to share their email address with you. Having a simple “join my list” is enough if you are dealing with your regular customers. However to convert your new audience into loyal customers, you need to offer them certain rewards and special discounts.
Email address will help you to post your regular offers to them so that they will come back for your services. If you have opted for the pay-per-click services, it is better to ask for the contact detail upfront as if your visitor is gone, he is gone forever.

Easy Navigation
In order to make your customers come back, offer them an easy to navigate website. A website that loads faster and makes it easy for its visitors to navigate through it is liked by people. If you own an e-commerce website, make sure that your visitors are able to locate your products easily.
Think from your customer’s prospect and make it easier for them to locate your services. To increase their engagement and to convert them into sales, make everything easier for them.

The Call To Action LineCall-to-action-with-words
Have you ever come across a website that does not have the call to action line? I believe that this is not possible. Call to action line is used to entice the visitors to take an action. A lot of websites that do not convert its visitors lacks a well-written call to action line spread across the page.
If the “call us” icon is present at the end of the web page, nobody will even bother to look at it. But if it is present at different locations throughout the page, you can easily convert your visitors. Therefore, if you wish to convert internet traffic into loyal customers, spread the call to action line across the page.

Make Your Offers Clear
What is the first thing that you will like your customers to do after visiting your website? Purchase your services, right? Therefore, make sure that “Hire Us” or “Contact Us” icons should be present in the topmost corner.
Make it clear to your customers how your services or products can help them and give them sufficient reasons to make the purchase. Be more specific about your claims to increase your business credibility. However, if you are not comfortable with writing a sales copy for your services, it is always a great idea to hire a professional copywriter.

Easy Access to Customer Servicescust-service1
I recently came across an e-commerce website that did not have a phone number published anywhere on their website. In such a situation, how can a person place an order or talk to the customer care representative?

As an online company, you are asking your customers to trust you while purchasing your services, therefore, don’t make it difficult for the customers to reach out to your services. Make it convenient for them to contact you whenever required.

Make Your Website Safe
Make your website secure from potential threats and let your customers know about it. Having secured website makes it easier for online shoppers to shop for your services with confidence. By shopping with a safe site, they are sure that their confidential information is not shared with anyone and thus they are easily converted into regular customers.

Special Discounts and OffersSpecial-Offers
Are you planning to convert new visitors into regular customers? How about offering them special discounts and offers? Since a long time, discounts have remained as a part of the marketing strategies and this technique is especially effective on first time visitors.
People are often attracted to companies that offer gifts or discounts to them. Once they find out how pleasant it is to shop for your online services, they will definitely become our loyal customers. Spread a word about your offers through the social media so that more people can come to know about it. Meta text can also be used to promote your offers and increase customer’s engagement.

As a business owner, you must have better understanding of how to generate traffic toward your website. However, it must be remembered that not all organic traffic can be converted into customers. So make sure that you focus on your targeted audience to generate sale and make your business profitable.

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