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The rise of technology and the euphoria of high-tech lifestyles has created an arena whereby, apps have become an absolute necessity. In this day and age, it’s very important to be fully aware of what an application is. According to Cambridge dictionary, an app is a computer program that is downloaded on a mobile device, made for a particular purpose.
You may ask, what purpose can this app serve?

The simple answer is, it can range from fitness & health to food & travel, games for children, a portal to communicate, online shopping, social media, anything and everything you can name. All you need is a snazzy look and sufficient content to help the application grow.

Before you design an app, you must be sure of what you want in your app, the style, the content, the operating methodology. Once you’ve designed it in your head, it’s only a matter of putting yourself to work. The creative you get, the catchier it will be, and the more your audience will grow.
Here are a few steps to help you design an app to your liking:
As mentioned previously, you must have a rough idea of what you want in your app.
Go around surfing the market, do some research and choose what suits your style. It could be a mesh of multiple apps, but market research will help you finalise your ideas, in a more practical manner.
Simulate your app, create a draft version.
Design your app graphically, work on the details, make it as you would like to see an app appear on your phone.
Develop a landing page for your app.
Use the right sources to make your app.
Since you’ve already done your market research, you will be aware of the target audience, so market your product to them. Market it rigorously and shamelessly.
Launch your app on Play Store and App Store to reach maximum audience.
Once, the feedback rolls in, look to improve your app in all the places that there may be glitches or difficulties.


The app culture in Pakistan has risen significantly, from food apps like foodpanda, Eat Mubarak, Eatoye to online shopping marts like Daraz.pk and Golootlo, the avenue leaves a lot to be explored. In incubation centers and software houses, there is a multitude of apps being developed and with universities rolling out software graduates in a bulk, the culture is expected to rise even further. What is important to note is that with this rising trend, there comes deterioration in quality.
Quality is something that the customer will not compromise upon? Why do you think there are multiple updates to apps available every now and then? It’s because they tweak the application to the liking of the customer. It’s all about the satisfaction of the customer, because without their usage and downloads, however much time you spend designing and marketing your app, all your efforts will prove futile.
So, when you’re conducting your market research, look for the gap in your mobiles. What is it that you would like your mobile to show pop ups of? Is it food? Is it entertainment? Is it health? Is it news? Or is it sports?
An app is like your baby. You work on it for a certain period of time, you care for it. Give it nourishment. Try to make it likeable for your target audience, and when you pitch it forth, you do so with the hopes that people will, if not immediately, but with time, grow a fondness for it. If you tap the right market, you will get immediate and overwhelming response. If you delve into the wrong arenas, you might not be so lucky.
Take notes, but don’t overthink it. Keep it simple. Make it user friendly. Remember, it’s your brain child and the more clearer you communicate through its design, the more popular it will be.
Before you start weaving a design, think of all those apps that have transformed you, that changed your life. Do you want your app to have an impact? Do you want it to grow as people progress? Think of how those apps helped you develop? What were the things you wish had been added to those apps? Were there any flaws? What annoyed you about that app? What do you think could have been done to mitigate those flaws?
Once you’ve answered all these questions, you will have a clearer idea of what you want your app to be. Following that, it’s all about putting pen to paper, or in this case finger to mouse pad. Take a deep breath. Relax and then, let your ideas formalise and substantiate before your eyes.

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