Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Free Web Hosting

May 24, 2019 • Best Web Hosting Blog • Views: 446

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Free Web Hosting

Now publishing your own site is an easy job to do as with the advent of numerous web hosting companies, it may not take you a while to choose one and set up your website. If you are run short of money you can also utilize service of web hosting companies offering limited services for free. If you going to start a large business then it is not recommended to make use of free hosting services. Today we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a free web hosting company.


A platform to learn

It is a good starting point for newbie’s to set up their site on a free web hosting rather than investing money on it at first. As they will get aware of the website development processes like monitoring, file uploading and managing the website, etc. They can easily move to the paid web hosting later. If you are facing difficulties in setting up your website, you can also consult a web design agency.

Perfect for personal websites

If you are willing to showcase your portfolio or to share your personal opinions or thoughts, then it is good to go with a free web hosting service. Also, it is a nice initial step to interact with the people having similar interests like you.
Useful for startups
As a startup, you may not be willing to pay a hosting provider but you have a choice of using free web hosting. You can share information about your products and services, announce important updates and can communicate with other businesses as well.

Insufficient resources

When you have paid for a subscription package to your hosting company, you will be assigned a dedicated disk space to integrate your website. However, in case of free hosting the services of one server are distributed among thousands of hosts. It will make it more vulnerable to virus attacks and chances of server getting crashed become high.

Impact on search engine

The search engines don’t prefer to rank higher those sites that are linked with free web hosting and are more inclined towards the paid web hosting.
No customer support

As users that have purchased web hosting packages are served with substantial customer support. Most of the companies provide their support service 24/7. So any bug or server crashes can be reported immediately. However, in the case of free web hosting services, no customer support is provided and there is no flexibility of placing queries.

Spammy ads

Most web hosting companies that offer free hosting are used to manifest ads on websites without prior notice. The ads look spammy and hurt the influence of your online presence.

Final Words

Though availing free web hosting service will let you save some bucks, but there is no guarantee of keeping hold your web domain for a long. As
If you are planning to launch a website for commercial purposes then don’t go for free web hosting services. If it is for personal usage then you can choose it and you will get aware of the basics of getting your website started.

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