AdWords Editor Version 10.5 released by Google

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AdWords Editor Version 10.5 released by Google

Google AdWords has launched a spick-and-span version of AdWords Editor. Version 10.5 has replaced version 10.4, which was unveiled this year in April.

Version 10.4 includes bids updates, Settings for display and search, images, Engagement Ads, Seeable CPM (cost per mille) and import settings whereas the latest version 10.5 endow users to upload & check alterations, download product groups, do bulk edits, and execute other time-saving chores throughout Shopping campaigns, online as well as offline.

Well prior checking the new features of version 10.5, let’s understand What AdWords Editor is?

AdWords Editor is the most-in-used advertising program of Google to reach new clients and expand your business. Being an advertising product it displays your advertisements to people seeking your services/products on Google or its partner websites. It is used to handle large AdWords accounts in an efficient manner. It endows users with prompt and more competent AdWords accounts editing in bulk at all levels, also upload those alterations straightforwardly to the AdWords server.

Let’s discuss the new features and alterations in AdWords EditorVersion 10.5:

Support Shopping campaigns Management: –

New Version 10.5 of AdWords Editor now effectively supports shopping campaign management. Though you can see and modify settings of shopping campaign, ad groups as well as campaigns can still be made on the AdWords front-end. Users can’t make new Ad Groups or shopping Campaigns through the AdWords editor, however they can now view and modify the campaigns’ settings. If you replicate a shopping campaign to editor, then it will be duplicated as a Search Only campaign exclusive of product groups.

Change Product groups Management: –

In new version 10.5 users can make changes or simply edit product groups within shopping campaigns. These groups are accessible under chosen target within shopping campaigns. All over again, Version 10.5 doesn’t give user the abilities to pause add or delete product groups in the AdWords editor, however with it you can do bulk editing to the groups.

Along with other essential tasks, you will be capable to do the following:

  • Upload or download these groups to the AdWords front-end.
  • Edits in bulk to these group bids and destination URLs.
  • Change a group between Excluded and Biddable.
  • Import alterations to available groups with CSV/XML or export to HTML/XML/CSV.
  • It doesn’t let you delete, pause or add any product group.

Can’t Download Deleted Ads: –

The option of “Hide deleted ads” has now been deleted and the new version will not download the deleted ads anymore.

Conservative Targeting Option: –

In this version aggressive or conservative Targeting for the display network is now accessible

In-market buyers interest: –

The In-market buyers interest category is now accessible in the audience segment of the Editor. This feature lets advertisers to get in touch with people interested in same services or products that they are providing. This has been accessible to advertisers, however now can be carried out through the Editor.

Enhance reach and performance

This new Editor version also supports features that enhance your reach and execution over the Google Display Network.

The recent updates in AdWords Editor make life more easygoing for advertisers who use shopping campaigns. It will also help in carrying out targeting methods and it will be slightly more systematic with the deleted advertisements excluded of the Editor.

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