Benefits of Automated Call Extensions in Mobile Ads

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Automatic call extension

If you are a tech savvy then you must be well aware that the Google is going to launch automated call extensions for mobile ads which would start on Feb 6th, 2017. The automated feature that would be added to the call extensions would automatically fetch the phone numbers mentioned on the landing pages.

As the call extensions make it easy for the customers to contact you using your phone number, the automated call extensions will automatically enable the call extensions for your business along with the location extensions. Through this launch, Google has changed the way the mobile ads used to appear and it is going to impact the businesses which are dependent on the calls.

However, a question that arises in every business owner’s mind is how this update will benefit his business. Well, let us tell you the benefits that businesses would get from the automated call extension.

  • The automated call extensions will add to the value of the ads by making them more noticeable. Not only the CTR (Click Through Rate) for the ads will be improved but it will make it easier for the users to contact you.

  • The detailed report for the automated call extensions will include the call start time, call end time, call duration, call area code and the status of the call (i.e. whether the call was connected or not). Thus, you would be able to know the most effective part of your campaign.

  • The major benefit of the automated call extensions will go to the local businesses which are using call extensions. It will help them reach out the customers who are looking for the services in the particular area and in the proximity.

  • It will increase the relevance of the local businesses as only local phone numbers will be shown for the local searches. In the case someone is using dynamic phone numbers with the local address, that number will not be shown in the search.

In addition, the searchers are also going to be benefited as they will get only relevant results for their search.

Though this update is going to bring significant changes in the local search but the advertisers would need to pay for it. Those, who don’t want the call extensions for the phone numbers mentioned on their landing pages, can opt out of the automated extensions before Feb 6th. This can be done by opening “Automated extension options” in the “Ad extensions” tab under AdWords and then, checking the “Do not use specific automated extensions for this account”.

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