Beware of negative SEO it harms you a lot

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Beware of negative SEO it harms you a lot

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the hottest topic everybody discusses about. How get top ranking, to generate lead eventually leading to increase sale. There are lots of benefits SEO endows us, but do you know that it can adversely affect you if not followed properly. Every coin has two sides, similarly SEO has negative shades as well. Have you heard about what negative SEO? Well, it is something that can be ill-used against you any moment, irrespective what kind of industry you are in. This write-up will help you in keying out if you have been affected by negative SEO, if yes then how to conquer it. But before that you must know what is good and bad SEO.

Good vs. Negative

Negative SEO can be used heinously and relates to the worst kind of SEO possible: The deliberate act of ultra–optimizing or spamming a website with the intent to lower the ranking in search results. It’s awful stuff, not that kind of thing your agency or you should ever use it. Good SEO is reckoned as a greatly ethical practice, when it is used to aid quality websites with best content to get high rankings through complying developer grooviest practices and quality guidelines of Google. It is also ethical when used to serve well-meant websites to surmount technical impediments for example page speed, unwitting duplicate content, crawlability and other related issues as well.

How Negative SEO Occurs?

Negative SEO is done mainly via link-building. For instance, somebody may outsource a firm to make 10,000+ links to your website using keywords that are used for your website for SEO purpose.

If your company is following negative SEO with the notion this will ameliorate Search Engine rankings, it is advised to cancel it immediately or you may experience traffic decline more worst adversely affected by Panda or Penguin updates:

Now you must be think how would I come to know whether I have been targeted or not, allow us to explain how to figure it out

Ways to figure out Negative SEO:

Detecting negative SEO is pretty clear-cut if you have never deliberately built links. Nevertheless, if you have done link-building manually through the years using different target keywords, then it can be quite more difficult spot. Irrespective of how the links seemed in your profile, following are a couple of things you can do:

  • Thoroughly analysis backlink, concentrating on anchor text
  • Seek suspicious IPs
  • Key out any unrelated and out of the business ambit anchor text
  • Verify manual penalties with Google Webmaster Tools

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Are you aware of anchor text used to link to your website?

An in-depth analysis of back-link ought to be conducted to help make out which terms link to you mainly. There are countless great tools including Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO and Link Detox to assist you doing this, but keep your mind on keyword-rich anchor text. Any links that are not just linking with your domain name and brand must receive utmost priority.

If your website as well as target audiences are located entirely in particular region then you should not entertain foreign IPs or non-regional TLDs orienting to your website. Aforementioned tools are useful in quickly finding TLD distributions:
After completely understanding negative SEO or bad SEO, it’s time to know how to recover form it:
Through this post we are not delving into the whole recovery procedure rather we are helping to recover from Google penalties

  • Do your best to reach webmasters and take away known bad links. This disturbs us tooparticularly if you are not the one that does negative link-building, even then Google wants you to do your best to take them out)
  • Apply the Disavow Links tool
  • For manual penalties you can submit a request for reconsideration
  • For algorithmic penalties you can contact Google via the Webmaster Tools Troubleshooter

If you want any kind of consultation from our wizard SEO experts, then start a discussion or else you may comments below to share your thoughts.

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