Facebook Added New Feature “Save” To Bookmark News Feed

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Facebook Added New Feature “Save” To Bookmark News Feed

Often when you sign in Facebook and found something attention-grabbing post shared by your friend, you might be busy at that time and want to read it later. Earlier it was not possible, but with the introduction of Facebook’s new “Save” feature it has become practical for you. Facebook has announced a new ‘Save It For Later’ feature that allows users to bookmark exciting movies, web links, TV shows, pages and music to review at a more opportune time.

The new ‘Save’ option available on the web and Smartphone’s (iOS and Android) apps has make it easy to store motivating News Feed content without mislaying in the list. To save the content that you see on Facebook, either click on the “Save” at the bottom-right of a post or simply click on the icon of down-arrow at the top-right and select “Save.” The content you saved will be available via the ‘More’ tab on your Smartphones and at the sidebar on the web.

All posts in news feed from now onwards will have the ability to save the content on your profile to view it later. The moment you check your saved items, you will see the content is split into categories and all set to be opened, shared or archived.

After you are through with the saved item, you can store or delete it permanently. If you want to archive the post click “X” on the top-right. If you want to delete it permanently, click “More” icon and then “Delete”. On mobile Facebook, you will be capable to archive as well as share posts by swiping it in right direction

The moment the post is saved, the content will automatically be categorized and you will be capable to check them out at your earliest comfort. On the off chance, you forget to save the post to view it later, not to worry, Facebook will also endow you with occasional reminders about uncheck content (i.e unread Facebook posts) sitting in your saved segment.

Before now, you have the similar features to services like Twitter, Pinterest or Pocket for content that you want to save and check afterwards, but now bookmarking feature is on Facebook as well, which is exactly how the social network users wants it to be. This new feature will go live for the users on the mobile apps (iOS and Android) as well as web in coming few days. Mobile users will be capable to locate it in the “more” section.

Technically all of this was previously feasible by sharing Facebook with other services such as Pocket, though it’s still an applaudable change and most of the Facebook users will surely welcome an in-built option without using a third-party service.

Well… As a proud Facebook user, are you really sure that thus feature will be helpful for you and other users? As per you how frequently you will use it: daily or occasionally? Think and share your answer and views with us…..

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