Facebook News Feed Algorithm Update To Improve User Experience

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Have you heard about the latest updates rolled out by Facebook? The social media platform, Facebook recently announced three updates to the News Feed algorithm that are specifically meant to enhance user experience. Are you still thinking about how they can do it? Simple! By creating a better balance between updates from public figures, businesses, local organizations and updates from friends. 

Every time an update is released by Facebook, marketers and brands freak out. If you still don’t know what the News Feed algorithm updates are and how will they affect your Facebook page, here is a quick overview.

Update 1 – Run out of your content, but still want to read your News Feed? Don’t worry as more content will automatically show up.

The first update is meant for all those Facebook users who don’t have enough content available in the News Feed but still want to spend some more time reading it. Previously, Facebook users could not see multiple posts in a row from the same source. However, with the new update, users can easily scroll down to read a variety of posts from the same person. Thus, they would never run out of the content.


Update 2 – News Feed will show content from close friends on the top

Facebook has often received feedback and complaints from regular users that they are not able to see updates from their close friends. This is probably the complaints of regular users who have a lot of potential content in their News Feed. With the coming of the latest update, Facebook has tried to balance the content from business pages and friends.


Update 3 – News Feed will show stories about a friend liking or commenting on posts in the end

Another update to increase the user experience, the stories liked by your friends will not appear in your news Feed or will appear in the last to give way to the stories liked by you.

What Will Be The Affects On Your Facebook Page?

The impact of the latest update will vary to a large extent depending on the frequency at which you post the content and on your audience as well. Facebook also said that, in certain cases, the new updates may have a negative impact on the post reach and referral traffic.


To deal with the latest updates, follow the below written advice:

  • You can continue to post relevant content to target your potential audience. However, remember to focus on unique and valuable content rather than overwhelming your followers with irrelevant or copied content.

  • If you ascertain that your audience is not able to find your Facebook page, you can improve the social sharing options. In this manner, instead of posting the content on behalf of your business, your audience will share your content on their personal Facebook page, which will widen your business reach.

So what do you think about the latest Facebook News Feed algorithm update? Want to share something valuable? Do not forget to comment below!!

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