Facebook Search updated, now lets you search specific posts

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Facebook Search updated, now lets you search specific posts

Facebook’s latest update allows users to search for specific individual posts in addition to finding people, places, and information. The update has been rolled out to Facebook’s iOS app and desktop for now, and will be rolled to Android soon.

Facebook says in a blog post, that users are often frustrated with seeing a post on their News Feed, and then being unable to find it a few hours later or even just moments after refreshing the page. “With a quick search, you can get back to a fun video from your graduation, a news article you’ve been meaning to read, or photos from your friend’s wedding last summer,” Facebook added.

Facebook rolled out its Graph search nearly two years back, however it took some time to make it user friendly. Product manager Rousseau Kazi stated that “Phrases are pretty complex”, but adds that the social networking site has spent time with user experience researchers to figure out what people wanted.

The new update will allow the social networking site to compete with Google and Twitter for searching posts in real-time. Kazi notes “Giving people the ability to quickly tap into what friends are saying about a certain world is pretty powerful.” For e.g, if you search for a dentists you will be able to see relevant posts that your friends have shared with you and not some random data keeping your privacy intact. “it’s not a way to search everything posted on Facebook, and your privacy settings remain intact.” “You can only find posts that have been shared with you,” says Kazi. “There’s no change to privacy, this is only things that your friends and your community have shared with you.”

A Facebook spokesperson stated, “The updates are being rolled initially on desktop and iPhone. We’ll be listening to people’s feedback and making improvements from there. Then we’ll bring these updates to Android. People who use Facebook on Android will still be able to search for people, Pages, Groups, and apps. No specific timing to share on Android availability.”

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