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The idea behind video marketing some years back was off the league for quite several brands, and this had to do with getting occupied with other marketing strategies or finding along the exorbitance that arises when venturing into one.

Video marketing nowadays hasn’t been that demanding as it uses to be some years back, and this is why we’re experiencing a boom up in the video marketing league by more businesses, irrespective of their sizes.

As the internet revolution keeps going further, so do the video marketing keep taking a newer dimension. This is why many businesses and online marketing consultant that need to harness the full potential of different marketing strategies are also adopting long-form video marketing to extend their outreach in taking their brand out there.

The outcome attained by many businesses that are into video marketing, turned out to be a success story, and this is what drove me crazy about finding out more on what long-form video marketing entails, in addition to how to spice up its effect to obtain maximised results.


Video marketing can be categorised into different forms, based on their lengths. Below are the forms of video marketing:

1. Micro-form videos:
These types of videos are basically not more than 20 seconds in length, and are usually made to promote the outreach of a brand’s name.

2. Short-form videos:
Short videos could go from 30 seconds to 120 seconds in length, and are usually created to boost the level of engagement with audiences.

3. Long-form videos
This is our point of focus here, as very few companies are willing to go into creating long-form videos for their marketing campaigns.

Their duration is no longer than anticipated, since it’s not for movies but for marketing purposes, the duration usually ranges between 2 to 10 minutes, but can go higher. What made this form of video gain much potentials are the fact that it can be used to construct a more detailed and structured information, that’ll make your audiences have much clearer idea about what you do.


Let’s get some inspiration through real-time stats:

1. As 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers see content marketing as a fundamental strategy, 30% of B2B marketers also believe that videos are vital for successful content marketing.

2. Cisco Visual Networking Index predicted that by year 2022, online videos will consume about 82% of the entire consumer internet traffic which goes about 15 times what it has been in 2017.

3. In a study, WordStream reveals that; 59% of executives prefer to stream or watch a video than to read a text.

Now that we’ve been gingered up, by the words of statistics, let’s take our path into those 10 Brands crushing it with long form video marketing.

Amazon – Quality Videos for Their Audience

As the world largest online store, Amazon still leaves no stone unturned when it comes to promoting their brand using variety of digital marketing strategies, among which includes that of videos. Aside their video streaming service that’s taking over many spaces, their long-form videos are also promoting them to the peak.

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