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SEO trends in 2015

In this ever changing SEO world, Google and various other search engines come up with new trends and updates at regular interval. To stay ahead of your competitors it would be a wise decision to not only have knowledge about the latest trends but also have sufficient information about what the experts predict for the SEO future. Here are certain trends to look out for in the SEO world in 2015.

Create and optimize responsive website

Since a long time back mobile traffic was way behind desktop traffic and there was no need to design a mobile friendly website. However with the increase in the sale of smart phones the scenario has changes. According to Google, responsive websites offers a better user experience. Thus in 2015 you would come across a large number of websites that are responsive to mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones and Mac books.

Optimization for different search engines

With the recent development in technology, 2015 can be the year in which search engine other than Google can take up more market share. Recently Yahoo has been set as the default search engine for Firefox. Options to switch default browsers in operating system X and iOS 8 also exists. Therefore with search engines other than Google becoming more popular, increasing your website visibility on them in 2015 can give an added advantage to your business.

Switch focus to ROI metrics from keyword rankings

The year 2015 will see a shift of focus from keyword ranking to return-on-investment metrics. Now you will have to decide whether you want a high ROI on your business or a fancy ranking report?

Keep focus on the social media

Since a long time social media was considered as a platform to share content with a large customer base. Thus businesses would simply write content to promote their services and business. However lately it has emerged as one of the best marketing channel to convert your visitors into sales. The social media audiences expects a company to engage with them at a personal level and 2015 would give a chance to businesses to increase their brand value along with earning links by focusing on social media.

Target precise search phrases and keywords

Broad keyword search results do not attract the targeted audience and thus in 2015 you will see a trend to target precise keywords in order to attract targeted traffic. Keyword research would also help you to easily identify the most popularly used search terms that can help you to increase your conversions.

So what are your SEO strategies to attract the target audience in 2015 and to convert them into sales?

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