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iOS 8 features

Since the introduction of the App Store, iOS 8 is believed to be the biggest release for developers. This newest version of Apple’s operating system comes loaded with a variety of features. It aims at improving mobile users experience along with having various updated features. So have a look at some of the most interesting and improved features of iOS 8.

Easy to access notifications

As compared to the previous versions, iOS 8 offer its users more than just double tap. Instead of showing all the opened applications, the latest OS just show thumbnails at the top of the screen. You can easily tap on the thumbnails to email, call or message to a contact. The best part of these thumbnails is that you can easily reply to your contact without leaving your present work. This option has made it easier to reply from the home screen and you can even swipe to ignore the message from the lock screen.

Better access to Keyboard

For the first time iPhone users will have the option to choose a keyboard from third-party developer. Swype keyboard is the latest addition and can be easily purchased from the app store. This keyboard requires the users to swype their fingers across it instead of typing single keys. Users can also opt for the predictive text option that gives them word suggestion before typing the complete word.

Improvement in camera quality and features

In the recent time, selfies have gained a lot of popularity and clicking selfies by using iOS 8 iPhone can be a unique experience. Timer has been added to the camera app present in iOS 8 and thus it allows the users to take the right shot. The device can also be propped up to take that perfect picture with your friends.

Easier mail navigation

With the introduction of swipe option, navigating the e-mails have become easier. If you want to delete a mail, all you have to do is to left swipe the individual message. Dragging the figure slowly across the message can help you to archive or flag it. Swiping the message toward the right side can mark it as unread.

Shortcuts improved

iOS 8 comes with improved shortcut features. By clicking twice on the home button, a user can easily access the recent web pages and contacts. This update has made it easier for the iPhone user to make a call or write a message to their favourite contact.

With the addition of various improved features, iPhone operating on iOS 8 would be worth buying. With the latest developments, Apple has given a strong competition to the Android market.

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