Google panda & penguin are your best teachers

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Google panda & penguin are your best teachers

With the recent update of Google Panda 4.0 by Matt Cutts, prestigious writers and their followers are quite happy with this update. You must be wondering why, especially when a plethora of websites dropped their rank on Search Engine. Well like everything has positive as well as a negative aspect, it entirely your opinion how you take the situation. As per these diehard writers and SEO experts it is a defense wall that subjugate meager quality content and allowing hardly-known, yet well-composed blogs & websites rank top of Google search results.

So is there anything for which I have to worry?

Actually, you don’t need to get scared if you have a high-quality content website with a good number of backlinks to equally-matched & better sites that promote your link profile. As a matter of fact, you may be getting a trifle more traffic now that Google is subjugating other websites that endeavor to enter by cheating their way to get more genuine search results.

On the other hand, numerous websites that had depended strongly on meager quality linkbuilding were badly affected. You might have heard stories from business enterprisers who were adversely affected and haven’t been capable to recover till now. Do you know ebay, one of the prominent eCommerce website, had the most negative impact of Panda 4.0 update? Other sites like, and even were backed by Google also dropped their page ranking. It clearly entails how strict Google is because it can pull his own venture if it’s not up-to-the-mark. was a prominent winner followed, by

Now, everybody knows what has to be done to maintain their rank in Search Engine:-

  • Create unique content
  • Internet access on Smartphone
  • Conversational search

However, in a number of cases the stories are heartrending of small entrepreneur who hired an SEO consultant to assist them in ameliorating their rankings, without knowing the work that done was against quality guidelines of Google. And now, lots of these small entrepreneurs are streaming their staff and losing plenty of money because they are not able to find a path to retrieve their Google presence.

Albeit, Panda or Penguin recovery is a bit difficult, but not impossible, Suffescom genius SEO experts always say “Impossible itself says I’m possible.”

There are handful SEO tactics for your website to increase page ranking in the search results:-

1)    Clean unnatural backlinks

The most significant to recover your ranking from Penguin/Panda is to systematically clean your unnatural backlinks. Try to remove them physically as much as possible and then disavowing the rest. The only websites that have recovered from Panda/Penguin updates are the one that has done a thorough cleanup of links.

2)    Create high quality content

Rewrite and create high-quality content as it is integral for any online business success. Users are regularly bombarded with a number of organic results to select when they search. Two groovy alternatives to render this high quality content is the “whitepapers” or “blog posts” – broadly speaking, visual options like info-graphics & videos can be really useful only if done correctly.

3)    Create good links to rank well

This is one of the most difficult parts, creating a good link involves quite a trifle of time and work. Having good links entails your site will reappear higher in Google searching as backlinks pull your site up. You can make use of those keywords, which will help readers who lookup those terms find your website. Put links on all of your social networking site’s accounts (You must be having, right?) and start commenting on relevant sites with blogs as well as comment sections. Post your comment with a link to your site. If anybody likes what you have said, then they might click your link and go through your site.

Penguin & Panda both are your best teacher that teaches you all minor yet important things to gain success. Being a great follower of Lord Google, we have learnt a lot (the process is still continued) as a result we are always here to help you no matter in what situation you are.

Is your website hit with Google recent update? Have your page rankings crashed down all of sudden? What will you do now? Share your problem with us we will definitely conquer your problem right here!

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