Google Webmaster Features Which Should be Used for SEO

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Google Webmaster Features Which Should be Used for SEO

Website holders along with developers throughout the world, as of now, use Google Webmaster features to examine, check, and optimize their website. Furthermore, the individuals who aren’t taking advantage of this free feature ought to begin instantly. The knowledge you get from examining alerts, keywords, manual actions and links is extremely valuable.

SEO experts consider the Webmaster Tool of Google as the most significant analytic tools that a webmaster must never deal out in using. The tool comes stacked with extremely helpful SEO analytic tools that nearly all SEO companies in world use to ameliorate their efforts in online marketing, designing and development concepts. Since it is made by the main search engine Google, the users has the benefit of determining the advantages of utilizing the tool which is optimized for the Google indexed lists.

Separating Essential Google Webmaster SEO Features

1. Search queries

The mentioned below are areas of the queries that can give you imperative measurements to help optimize your site pages more especially in giving traffic and keyword information that are noteworthy to your SEO campaign:

a) The impressions section

This will give you an insight regarding the number of visitors who view your site based on a specific keyword search and which specific web page content on your site are frequently viewed.

b) Query metrics

Keywords that rank your webpage on the search results are displayed using this segment of the Webmaster tool. You can utilize the keyword with the intent to enhance your website content and pages for keyword SEO that has a major impact to your SERP (search engine results page).

c) CTR (Click Through Rates)

This shows the numbers of clicks made to your web content. On the off chance that the information entails less number of clicks you may need to consider reviewing and enhancing your Meta depiction to your website pages. Your objective is to make your content pertinent to search queries. You might additionally incorporate call to activities that are solid enough to support the Meta tags that can draw in visitors to click on your site.

2. Search keywords

Utilizing keywords is imperative in any search engine optimization campaign. This feature of Webmaster Tool provides you keyword assets that are significantly more complete that the keywords that you can draw out when utilizing the Google Analytics tools. The available keyword report incorporates the CTR, total number of clicks and the standard search position for every keyword. This segment is exceptionally useful when your objective is to trace organic traffic to your website and you can utilize the keyword data to augment your keyword search rank in Search Engine.

  • Get keywords with a top rank in searching but with a lesser number of competitions.
  • Use your listed keywords all over your website and across your Meta tags.
  • Keep in mind, not to excessively use keywords otherwise it will result in spamming. Maintain the keyword density that is 2 -3% based on the word limit of your content.

3. Improving your website keyword performance

  • In the Rank Tracking Tool include your target keywords.
  • You will get info about your traffic and competition of target keyword.
  • Use the information that you can get so as to identify which of your WebPages keywords have the maximum potential in channelizing traffic to your website.
  • Optimize your site pages with the exceedingly performing keywords

An additional feature that you can use rather than looking for the most effective and relevant keyword from the Search Keyword feature of the Webmaster Tool to use for your SEO, you can also take the reverse direction by utilizing the keywords you are already utilizing on your site for search engine ranking.

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