How to be Creative in Web Design

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When you are motivated, creativity flourishes therefore as a designer you are required to remain inspired to find success in the field of web designing. If you are thinking about different ways on how to be creative in web design, keep on reading till the end in order to find an answer on how to be creative. There are countless ways to be creative in web design however choose the best method that compliments your brand.

Use of bold and two tone colours

Using different colours to design the website does not seems to be an inspiring thought however by adding some bold colours or by using two tone colours you can really be creative in web design. Dual colour tone can help you to make the text stand out so that it can be read easily. So the next time you want to know how to be creative with the website design, choose dual colours.

Funny cartoons and illustrations

Website designers need to be creative to design unique and attractive websites for their customers. Including cartoons or illustrations is one of the simplest ways to be creative in web design. Illustrations add an appealing effect to the website thus increasing internet traffic toward the site. Therefore if you are thinking how to be creative with the designing process, adding some interesting images can do the trick.


Transparency is a great way to show your creativity while designing a website. Text can be made more readable by placing it over the background image. Being creative in web design does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality of the design rather it means that you can experiment with the design. So think about different ways on how to be creative in order to design an attractive website.

Patterns and textures

Are you still worried on how to be creative in web design? Adding the required texture and patterns can help you to be creative in web design. Depth can be added to the website to make it more interesting and appealing. Patterns can help you to add the required zing to your website making it stand out of the crowd. By using your mind on how to be creative and by including some artistic elements to your website you can stay ahead of the game.


Eventually good font makes the text more readable but if you wish to be creative in web design, typography style can inspire you in a unique manner. Great typography is an art and it is one of the best ways to display the content in a creative way. So find different ideas on how to be creative with the text fonts.

Creativity is intangible but it is an important part of a designer’s career. You can improve your creativity by experimenting with different colours and backgrounds or by getting inspirations online. So the next time if anybody asks you, “how to be creative in web design?” list out these easy yet effective ways.

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