How to promote tour and travel business by using instagram

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Begone the days when people travel throughout the world with the help of maps, guide books, and various inept printed materials, well that era has died off. Now the whole world is in your hand – a portable tablet or Smartphone.

For that reason, the liaison between tourism and technology has gotten closer than ever before. Gradually, businesses are turning more towards mobile apps to endorse their services and reach customers in a more personalized way.

Among the colossal and broadened mobile apps market, apps related to tour and travel is ranked as the 7th most downloaded type of apps. It has been viewed that an incredible 60% of Smartphone users throughout the world have downloaded tourism apps and 45% users use mobile apps to plan their vacation.

How important is it for the tour and travel industry? If we talk about present scenario, mobile apps have now become the best friend of small businesses and like a good friend it benefits in both ways to get new customers plus to retain old ones. For this reason tour and travel companies need to conform to this avant-garde technological shift and ensure they are capable to reach their customers via mobile and become an indispensable part of their digital lives.

As per national preferences, British, Americans and Germans seem to be most sedulous and regular users of travel apps.

The predominant role of any marketing campaign is to represent your products and services to more and more people, propel them towards your website, and get them to purchase things from you.  You can do this via direct interaction with social media, however you also do this with the merger of social media and mobile apps.

Now, social media is helping all sorts of businesses to generate sales and revenue. As a result, you cannot ignore social apps like Instagram.

Instagram allows you to click images on your camera and then put in your location for immediate SEO of the picture. Also,with the introduction of Video on Instagram, it has bestowed the social media campaigns, which makes it a groovy online marketing tool for tour and travel business.

How you can use Instagram for your tour and travel business

1. Highlight the location pictures. Instagram will tag the destination and it’s done! Be ready with your Smartphones and tab, click the picture via Instagram and keep on sharing the images when you are clicking the pictures

2. If you get the consent from the staff or guests, or anyone who would be included in the image, take some candid photos of your company! If you have a traveling business, click photos while on the tour, if you have a hotel or restaurant take pictures of people enjoying in the hotel.

3. Show the rear side of your business! If you have your hotel, show how you gear up for the day, like – you can make a video that shows how your chef prepares the food, recode the morning preparation before going out for a tour.

4. Show candid moment of staff and guests at the hotel. People will feel associated with you when they see how candid you are with guests and staff members.

5. Share the eccentricity and the goodness of your place, destination and your business. Every area on the Earth has its own unique quirkinesses and special goodness that has to be shared with others.

Instagram with its remarkable option of “geolocation” creates a great opportunity for tour and travel businesses by sharing images and videos through social media platforms.

Well similarly as any other SMM channel, Instagram too needs strategically organized marketing campaigns and attractive posts to grab the attention of visitors. Therefore, ensure you follow a well-planned Instagram marketing strategy and take technical factors into account prior using it for business promotion.

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