How To Setup Facebook Sponsored Stories

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How To Setup Facebook Sponsored Stories

If you want to increase the customer base of your business, there are two online advertising channels that cannot be avoided – Google and Facebook. Since its introduction, Facebook has been boasting of an ever growing user base. With over 1.35 billion monthly active users, it is hard to ignore this social media channel. Facebook offers a variety of advertising solutions that will help you to attract potential customers to your business easily. If you are still thinking about how to set up Facebook sponsored ads, do not fret as this How-To guide will help you to do the same.

What Actually do Sponsored Stories/Ads Means?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read this word? Maybe a kind of story. Let’s break up the phrase into different words and then explain the meaning.

  • Sponsored – Advertising
  • Stories – Created while interacting with other pages

When a user likes a page, comments on it, or shares it, stories are created. You may have come across a number of organic stories in your News Feed every day. These stories can also be promoted with a motive to create sponsored stories.

Different Types of Sponsored Storiessstypes

As Facebook constantly keeps on evolving and growing, there are a large number of Sponsored Stories. The following list can be regarded as an incomplete one as it keeps on increasing with every new addition made by Facebook.

Check-in: These are the stories or ads generated when a friend of yours checks into a business.

Page Like: Story generated when a person likes a Facebook page

Wall Post: When a person posts to a page wall, this story is generated

Post comment: Story generated when a person comments on a post

Offer Claim: Did you just claim an offer? Your friends will get to know about it through the offer claim story in their News Feed

Post Like: This type of story is created when a person likes a page post

Domain: When you share a link from a specific domain, this story is generated

Post Share: So you shared that page post, right? Your friends get to know about it through post share sponsored story

App: Sponsored story generated when you use the Facebook app

Event Attendee: When you attend an event, use this sponsored story to let the world know about it

Question Vote: These stories are generated when you answer a question

Irrespective of the date when the story was created, sponsored stories remain on the News Feed for a long time.

How to Set Up a Sponsor Story

Creating a sponsored story is an easy task and as an entrepreneur, you stand to gain immense benefit from this.

The first step is to download the Power Editor, a browser plug-in. This plug-in helps you to have control over targeting and placement of the ads.

  • While creating an ad in Power Editor, select Sponsored Story from the drop down menu.
  • Finally, click on the type of sponsored story that you want to generate, and you are done!!

You can easily create an ad to target various locations, people belonging to different age group and different genders. This will help you to test which group performs the best.

Benefits of A Sponsor Storyfacebook-advertising_2

When compared to Facebook advertisements, Sponsored stories offer an economical way of promoting your business. A cheaper alternative, sponsored stories yield high return on investment (ROI). After having a huge customer base, you can easily advertize your company’s upcoming events, the latest news or special discounts through their social network. This can benefit your business a lot if you think that your customer’s friends can also turn out to be your prospective clients.

Various companies are using this method as a social proof to increase their business credibility. If you also want to make your business profitable, create a sponsored story and let the word about your company spread through your loyal customers.

So you created a sponsored story? Want to share the results? Let us know more about how sponsored stories have helped your online business. Share your views BELOW!!!

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