How to Use Google Analytic to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategies

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Google Analytic and Content Marketing

Content, undoubtedly, is the king of your website that delivers important messages to the viewers. However, content is not only restricted to the written text only; it can be an image, a video, an infographic or more that you are using to interact with your visitors. Content not only offers value to your audience but it also helps you in building a community and in conveying your message to the maximum people.

When it comes to content marketing, the foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is whom you are creating it for. You can’t write just anything; you need to know what your audience is interested in and what they are looking for. Here, in this write-up, we are going to inform you about the ways you can use the Google Analytics for enhancing the output of your content marketing strategy. Google Analytics is a famous tool for tracking your website’s traffic, but there is a lot you can do with it for improving your content marketing strategy.

  • Use Google Analytics for analysis, not reporting

AnalysisIf you want to get the most out of the Google Analytics, you should use it for analysis. Just making reports that how your content is doing will not make you any benefit. Instead, you should inspect what is working and what is not; this will let you pivot your strategy.You need to understand that your main purpose in not the reports but it is the improvement in your content marketing strategies. So, do analysis and use the insights to make relevant changes to your content creation strategy. Improvements will only be seen when your content would be highly engaging for the audience.

  • Know the growth patterns

Growth patternThe patterns of growth are the biggest clue that how effective your content is. To know the growth patterns of your website, you should go to the Acquisition section in the dashboard and analyze the inbound streams of traffic. These streams are- Direct Traffic, Organic Traffic, Social Traffic and Referral Traffic. Remember that Direct Traffic has nothing to do with the content; your main focus should be the organic traffic. Organic traffic lets you know that how many people have visited your website through search results. It is the way that makes you know that how your content is doing to improve the search engine rankings and increase the domain authority.

Furthermore, the referral traffic measures the effectiveness of your guest posts and social traffic is the measure that how many people have found you through social media.

  • Analyze which topics are performing best

Bouce_RatesThe perfect content marketing strategy begins with the selection of right topics. However, it would be little hard in the starting to choose the right topics but after creating some write-ups, you can use the Google Analytic to analyze which topics are doing good. Google Analytics lets you know the views on the particular content and also informs you about the time a user has spent on the particular page. So, you can easily know which of your contents are doing good and which not. This enables you to choose right topics for your next content.

  • Check the behavior tab for analyzing users’ interest

User interestThe Behavior Tab in the Google Analytic lets you know that how your content affects your users’ actions. It enables you to know whether or not your content is much effective to let the user explore your website further. From the Behavior Flow Chart, you can easily check what users usually do after visiting your write-ups. The content is effective and converting one if the users head to another write-up or if they visit any other page of your website. And if they return after reading the particular write-up, you can consider adjusting the internal linking.

  • Utilize bounce rate to identify the weak points  

Bounce RateThough Bounce rate is not directly linked to the performance of your content as the users can bounce due to any reason. If a user does not stay on the page, content would not be the only factor behind that. However, you can use the bounce rates for detecting the weak points. For an instance, if the particular category of your posts is experiencing higher bounce rate than another category, you can easily detect which of your posts are doing good. You can use this kind of insights to do better in your content marketing strategies.

Google Analytic is only one of many similar tools that provide you all the important information free of cost. So, you must make out the maximum of it to improve your content marketing strategies. However, it does not mean that you should solely rely on Google Analytic; there are many other tools that you can use along with. Combining the insights from the different tools will let you use the information better way and will enhance your ability for doing good in the content marketing strategy.

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