Imperativeness of Identifying and Recovering the Google Penalty

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Organic Search Traffic is very crucial for all online businessmen, but achieving the high-ranking not an easy task like before. Therefore, for reaching on the top, many SEOs and marketers attain several link-building process to the limit. As a result, many websites are being penalized for violating Google’s guidelines.

According to “Matt Cutts” the former head of the webspam team at Google, approximately 400,000 manual actions are being initialized every month by Google. Apart from this, numerous other websites are being penalized by algorithm updates: Penguin or Panda. Among all, only 20,000 webmasters are submitting the retrospect request. This means only 5% of the websites are trying to recover their Google penalty for improving the ranking.

What is Google Penalty?

It is a negative impact on your website’s search rankings based on updates to Google’s search algorithms and manual review. There are a number of sites that get penalized are the legitimately atrocious website that consists nothing but a bad content. Around 10% to 20% business can be wiped out overnight. Maybe you are the next, therefore it is better to secure your site and get your website safe from this dreadful situation.

Types of Google Penalties

You wake up one morning and check your analytics. What you have seen a sudden drop in your website search ranking, surely, your heart may race a little faster. You attain multifarious ways to fix it, but instead of fixing things, you are making things worse. First, identify the cause beside this dreadful situation. There are two types of Google penalties you can get. First one is a manual action from Google’s spam team and the second one is an algorithm penalty.

  • Manual Penalties

This penalty generally applied by Google to your site‘s ranking when Google’s spam algorithm is declined by something on your site. If you find out whether your site is penalized by a manual action, go to Google Webmaster Tools and you can check if there is any notification in your account. As a result, manual penalties are easier to identify.

  • Algorithm Penalties

These penalties generally applied by Google when it naturally updates the algorithm. A small change or group of changes in Google’s algorithm can cause a slacken of your site’s traffic. Algorithm penalties are very hard to detect as they do not show any notification in Webmaster Tools.

  • Penguin or Panda?

Whenever you feel a declination of your site’s traffic, the reason behind this either a manual penalty or algorithm penalty. But, both penalties contains a source: Penguin or Panda.

Google Panda

This is one of the most common types of penalty that Google apply to your site and it affects almost every site. Although, Google does not treat it as a penalty, so it prefers to refer it as “Quality Algorithm” that evaluates the quality of your whole website.

If this algorithm determines that your website is providing low-quality content, then Google will assign your whole website a low-quality score that will make you very difficult to recover your site’s ranking.

The rank modifier can harshly damage your site and can cause a massive traffic loss that affects the ranking of all your organic keywords. If your site is penalized by Panda then you will notice these things:

  • You will experience a sharp or steady traffic loss that eventually stabilizes.
  • You will not get a high ranking no matter how many backlinks you have created.
  • Even certain Google updates, your site drop further. As Google time-to-time increase its quality standards that mean if their algorithm does not like your site, the results are not likely in your favor.
  • Google panda will not show up under manual actions in the webmaster tools.

Google Penguin

Google Penguin is the second most penalty which is applied by the Google algorithm, this penalty is gradual affects website owners that have indulged in aggressive link-building methods. Google launched this algorithm in April 2012, the main of this algorithm is to look for aggressive or unnatural link patterns and punish these websites that are trying to exploit search engine ranking by building artificial links.

If your site is penalized by Penguin, you will notice these things:

  • The sharp drop of a specific keyword, or a group of keywords. For example, your page rank goes from position #2 to position #455.
  • The page containing the keyword may be de-indexed while the rest of the site is indexed.
  • You may or may not have a message concerning unnatural linking inside your Webmaster Tools, under “search queries” and “manual actions”.
  • There is also a chance, that the pages of your site that are not supposed to get rank now showing up for the penalized terms. For example- your contact page now ranks instead of your homepage when you search for your main keyword.

Tools to Recover Your Google Penalty

If Google penalized your site, do not be panic! With the correct tools and a right strategy, you can get back to the game and attain a maximum traffic to your site. If you use some tools for your penalty recovery, you will surely stay off the Google penalty box.

  • Fetch As Google

Fetch as Google is a classic feature of Google Webmaster Tools that permits you to simulate how Google crawls or renders URL on your site, then it will give you the option to submit the URL to the index.

Fetch as Google consist different Googlebot where you can choose from, including Desktop and Mobile. When you have chosen your Googlebot, then you will be able to “Fench and Render” the URL, it will give you some details related to URL’s HTTP response, the page load speed, and how Google sees your page.

Whenever you want to recover your penalty, it needs a thorough assessment of the entire site. To fight a Google Penalty and want to recover it, you must know the cause behind penalty. The Screaming Frog Web Crawler is a perfect tool to crawl your whole site, identify the problem such as duplicate content, dead ends, internal redirects, and other common issues.

If you think you have been penalized, you need to invest in a good “Spider” to crawl, this Google Webmaster Tools is a favorite choice of many SEOs and webmasters.

When you are facing Google penalties, it is imperative for you to have a good understanding of your own link profile. There are many Link Intelligence Tools like Majestic Tools that can analyze the link profile of your sites.

Generally, many sites suffer Google Penalties due to bad links, and majestic is the tool that extremely helpful for cleaning your site’s backlink profile. It will give you a complete report on anchor text, with flags for over-optimization, etc. Once you know about your exact rating, you can take correct steps to improve your ranking.

Ahrefs is one of the popular webmaster tools for finding backlinks. With the help of this tool, you can analysis the inbound link and detailed backlink reports. It can tell you the overall quality of the domains and it can efficiently find the specific problems with individual backlinks that might be spammy or unnatural.

The Ahrefs index of links is totally based on data for more than a trillion connections. It is updated time-to-time to keep you up to date on the latest developments. This tool is also very effective for pointing out problems with your anchor text.

Another Webmaster Tool that is very efficient to find the bad links is Monitor Backlinks. When you import your link from Google Webmaster Tools to Monitor Backlinks, you can then search for your do follow backlinks.

From there, you can easily use the filters to switch to external and then manually verify the backlinks. Be aware you can get numerous bad links from blog comments.

Many Google penalties are inflicted for duplicate content. Accidental duplication through negligence is just as strongly penalized by Google as deliberate plagiarism. If you think that your site gets penalized because of the duplicate content, then Copyscape can help you figure out whether any of your existing content anywhere else.

This tool is very easy to use and affordable too. Although, it may be inconvenient as each URL must need to be entered in one at a time.

Whether you have built some bad links, or someone has used negative SEO against you, recovery of Google Penalty is operable. There are numerous websites out there who have recovered all types of penalties.

If you really want to recover your Google penalties, the most imperative thing that you must do is, determine the cause behind it. When you identify the problem, it will be easy for you to remove the backlinks that led to your ranking drop.

Recover all your penalties by downloading all the Google Webmasters Tools and use your favorite SEO tool to get more insight about your links.

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