Importance of SEO for E-commerce Website

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Importance of SEO for E-commerce Website

You surely heard it many times, that “first impression is your last impression”. And if you want to create an impressive image of your brand in front of your clientèle. It is imperative for you to generate an interface that should be easily handled and worked upon by customers without any hassle or confusion. Electronic commerce websites spawns the perfect interface between the customers and sellers. E-commerce website is boon for today’s businesses, a splendid website design is a great way to communicate and if you are having an e-commerce site, it indulges some extra plus points to your business, as it involves the transfer of information across the internet.

How SEO Differs for an E-commerce Website and for Normal Website?

There is a huge difference in optimizing an e-commerce site for major search engine than optimizing any normal website. If you want to promote your site or increase the online presence, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to do this. E-commerce SEO is different than normal website SEO as optimization for an e-commerce site is more complicated than a regular website. The more product page your site consists of, the more problem you have to face, as there is a great chance of getting a duplicate content as well as optimizing such a huge site is difficult task to do.

Google is always looking for the unique and relevant content, but providing original content is very difficult in case of product based cumbersome websites, as it carries lots of pages. An e-commerce site can contain more than 1000 products and its URL may have generated dynamically which is based on the user’s query. URL cleanliness is an underlying problem as most of the URLs are generated dynamically rather than static, relevant keywords. An e-commerce website should be 100% secure as customers put their identity and financial data in your hands. You must ensure that it must be safe while customer adding their financial details to your website, such as SSL/VISA/other security and encryption standards or certificates.

SEO Terms to be taken Care While Dealing with E-commerce Website

Optimizing an e-commerce website is an arduous task than to optimize any other regular website. Thus, most marketers or SEO finds it very difficult while dealing with e-commerce site, as it contains thousands of product pages and the process of optimization involves a lot of complication and confusion. While, service businesses or simple static websites imply few pages, so its optimization is an easy task to be done. E-commerce website come with some inherent qualities such as dynamic URLs resulting in duplicate content, duplicate meta tags, and a large product catalogs, that makes it challenging to achieve a high Google ranking.

E-commerce site gradually focus on the ranking of search engines based on page views, if anyone wants to get the top position in the Google Algorithm, always remember the higher you ranked, the more you would be listed in top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. If you are going to make a product based website, then make sure your site contains some imperative SEO terms.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Having an e-commerce website and managing it properly is difficult thing to do. Gradually product based website contains hundreds and thousand of pages and optimizing them is a hard nut to crack. When you have an e-commerce site with lots of pages, you are most likely to deal with Google’s Algorithm “PANDA”. Most of the marketers and Developers copy the product description from another manufacturer and run the same description on the numerous pages which attracts the Panda. In an e-commerce website the URLs and pages are generated dynamically, so you need to make sure that all auto generated pages are tagged with “NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”, because if you have duplicate content on your website, it will directly affect the unique and original content. To get higher position in Google Search Engine, one must avoid duplicate content for your site.

Search for Relevant Keyword

Every time someone does a search, the search engine must decide which handful of results to display from hundred of thousands of pages. It is up to search engine algorithm to determine the best among them and display the most relevant match for every search. That is why it is important to choose your keywords carefully, so that the search engine can match and display your site in the search results to the most relevant keyword searches. It is important for any website to rank on the first page of a search engine results page for relevant search because it will ultimately increase your web traffic and sales revenue.

Share your Content in Social Media

Although Social Media sharing is not a powerhouse, but they can bring additional traffic for increasing sales revenue to your website. Therefore, it is good for your business to provide social sharing button on every page of your e-commerce site. Give people an opportunity to share all your content, the more readers will share your content, the more your site will visible to others and you may get a new customers just from this kind of sharing.

Owning and operating an e-commerce website is a great way to start your own business, with an affordable cost, one can easily start his/her e-commerce store on a shoestring budget. But always remember, the key of making money from an e-commerce business is to allure the customers. To increase your web traffic and website’s sales, you need to use a proper Search Engine Optimization.

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