Importance of User-Friendly Website Navigation for Your Visitors

September 4, 2014 • Latest Technology News and Articles • Views: 2,098

Importance of User-Friendly Website Navigation for Your Visitors

Nobody loves to get lost, either it is while driving or actually losing something in an untidy room. Once in a life time we all might have experienced such situation and how irritating it is we all know that. So, aren’t we feel the same when we lost online? On the off chance that your site is so difficult to navigate or it waste visitors time to locate a specific page, item or services they will leave your website in the lurch for a user-friendly navigable website.

Making navigation easy for the visitors is necessary if you really want to make your business successful. They come to your site to get some information, however they get lost and doesn’t find anything relevant and leave your site, which is your failure. On the other hand, user-friendly navigation will satisfy your visitors and they will likewise recollect a positive experience and will more probably choose your website over a contender’s when they are looking to make their next purchase. Everything begins at the earliest level of designing. Your designer must discuss with you how target visitors will arrive and the best manner to welcome them.

Following are just a few “rules of thumb” to make easy website navigation:

  • Your navigation must propose a limited numbers of WebPages to visit, and use simple words like Home, About US, Product/services and so on. Each tab should indicate where the visitors will land.
  • Make it simple to return to home page whenever they want to. It’s usual practice to hyperlink the company logo to the homepage.
  • Website navigation must specify the visitor where they are on the site.

How my business will get affected by user-friendly navigation?

  • Click Through Rate will increase

CTR is somewhat an online advertising term, however it portrays the efficacy of your website: a successful CTR creates a sale on your website. If, the visitors of your site find what they are looking for quickly and easily, the probability of purchasing increases.

  • Search Engine Optimization gets bettered

If your website has easy and simple navigation, having well defined product pages, about us, category pages and helpful links, the web crawlers will index your site faster and easier, giving you a higher search engine ranking.

  • Better tracking result

These days, numbers of website use Google Analytics and other such tools to track the website traffic. With a navigable ecommerce website, you will acquire much better tracking results as visitors aren’t click around senselessly on the website endeavoring to locate what they want. Instead, they are more attentive where they are going on the site.

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