Important Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

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According to a study an increase has been observed in the number of smartphone users and it is still expected to grow. As observed, smartphone users are not just using the devices to make calls, send text messages or emails but they are also using their smart phones to connect with their friends over the social media, surf the Internet for information, shop online and make other important purchases.

So if your business website is not optimized to cater to the needs of the mobile traffic, it could be losing on its prospective clients and sales. Read on to know more on how to optimize your website to increase your conversions.

Be responsive

The website must be designed based on different screen size. With the increasing use of various hand held devices, a responsive website can give the users a better viewing experience. By having a responsive web design for your website you can easily manage your business website on different devices as there would be no need to have a separate URL. Responsive web design also comes with its set of SEO benefits.

Easy to navigate design

Mobile screens are smaller in size than the desktop screens therefore the design of your mobile website must be easy to navigate even with the touch of a thumb. There should be no need to zoom in or zoom out the text because if such a situation arises, your business website is not completely optimized.

Simple design

The main focus while developing a mobile friendly website must be on the content and the design. As a mobile website, your business has few seconds to convey the services to the clients therefore it must have all the important details. In addition, when designing for mobile devices, the ability of a website to load at a faster pace must be kept in mind. Smaller byte sized images should be used instead of videos and large images that take a long time to load.

To the point content

Smart phones, notebooks and tablets have smaller screen therefore the services offered by your company must be told in few words. Mobile-phone users are often in a hurry to scroll through the content, therefore remember to keep the most important text at the top so that your customers can know about your services at a single glance.

Testing the website is also important as it would help you to improve the overall user experience. The website must be viewed on a variety of handheld devices and operating systems to ensure that the content can be viewed clearly.

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