Search Engine will Index HTTPS Pages first, than HTTP – Google

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Search Engine will Index HTTPS Pages first, than HTTP – Google

If the website faces the security issues at the time of hosting then, it will never be able to implement required services.

Over the years the web traffic has crossed all the parameters and all types of security issues have been popping from here and there. If the website faces the security issues at the time of hosting then, it will never be able to implement required services. Each and every valid URL address accessing through an accurate protocol will have access to the web resources.

The two most common request types are HTTP and HTTPs. The HTTPs stand for the secure HTTP services. The Google services are committed to deliver the secure quality service on the first order.

The surfing of the websites is an add on facility to showcase organizational data. Now that data should be handed over to the visitors directly or be a hidden feature of the website is a personal call of the web site and organizational policy.

Maintaining the integrity of the data is the responsibility of W3C. Google is managing the security issues related to data and the different services provided by the web.

The web is a rich resource of three types of data, simple text, voice and video data. It is seen, that the tempering of all the three forms of data was done in the past which has caused a serious damage to the web resources.

For a couple of years now the more secure applications like e commerce and multiple data applications are running through the HTTPS rather than simply on the HTTP protocol. The moment a HTTPs connection is viewed on the gateways, the high security features are attached with the requested data and it is treated in a faster and more secure manner.

The next question which flashes in one’s mind is that how do I access these HTTPs services on my website or what type of applications I need to purchase to implement this security feature. So all you require is to modify your choice of protocol by implementing security features having TLS certification.

The recent activities on the web showcase the web indexing purely based on the basis of HTTPs. A few cases have been seen where the HTTP website is removed from the search ranking having less secure methods. In the coming years the HTTP will be fully converted into the HTTPs. The web crawler and the other spiders are looking for a solution to handle the web.

The HTTPs contains three key features: text secrecy, personal authentication and data hiding. The certification expiry is the most common mistake made by the users which causes connectivity troubles. Sometimes the server support becomes the wrong choice. The up gradation is required to be done using latest versions and a track of the same has to be kept as there are raid changes in the web technologies. Also the matching of content on the previous and latest site has to be done on the regular basis. The old databases need to be modified with the latest one which might change the data definitions and can change the meaning of the original data. All the changes and modifications are to be manually viewed hence you are recommended to move slowly from HTTP to HTTPs taking the baby steps ahead.Because getting into the Google search is as important as maintaining the position on the search.

At present, HTTPs service is like having a premier pass for the VIP entry, so we are able to handle and manage the web traffic implementing all the security statements. The issues like redirection of the web page, increased access time, linking to the home and inner pages, on site link breakage, etc. have left us with no option other than opting for HTTPs.

If you are maintaining an organizational website having limited size of text, less heavy images and running thorough the HTTP, then don’t be afraid as the working of your web site will definitely not affected.
Google is not going to give preference to your website. If you wish to have a high SEO ranking on the Google then you have to upgrade to HTTPs.

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