iPhone and iOS devices get their own Google Analytics App

July 30, 2014 • Internet Marketing Blog - SEO, SEM and SMO • Views: 805

iPhone and iOS devices get their own Google Analytics App

Google Analytics app for iPhone has been released by Google. The Android version of this application was launched earlier, but now released for iOS as well. This app offers the same data you are inured to from your web on your mobile device, incorporating page view, visits, user behavior insights and sources. The app also provides Real Time reports, which endows scrutinizing website activity as it unfolds.

What is Google Analytics?

Basically, it is a service that produces detailed stats regarding the traffic along with the sources of traffic to a specific website. It is among the most effective digital analytics methods available – and it is free for everyone to use. It not only provides detailed stats on traffic, but can also generate a data about your ad campaign, site performance, sales, target audience, management and more.

The Real Time Google analytics may be an outstanding feature for a mobile app, as it entails that website owner can now glance over info about the recent activities of their site straight in their pocket, rather than resorting to the web or without having an Android app. Back when that app released for Android, Google said that it was “definitely thinking” regarding launch of an iOS app – and with this release coming just after a month, looks like Google was thinking pretty hard.

Google said this app offers:

  • An entirely mobile-optimized and redesigned appearance and feel
  • Particularized reporting for app and web views
  • Summing up key metrics from every report
  • Profounder analysis in most of the reports
  • Improved Real-Time reporting
  • Highly developed Segments to further examine your data

With this all-in-one app, iOS and iPhone users can now check their analytics accounts & can see any immediate info or insights they need on the move. This gives users an opportunity to boost their output without the requiring third party apps. Now, web developers don’t have to wait up to a time that they are near their PC to look at the details. Well….It is accessible on their fingertips on the device they use most of the time.

It is built on a sturdy, user-friendly reporting platform, in order that you can settle on what info you want to look at and customize your reports, with just a handful of clicks. You can use reports of advertisement for search, presentation, email and more to have a look at conversion rates and returns throughout all digital channels. You can take your study a step ahead with matchless AdWords integrations for mobiles. SEO reports in Google Analytics help you in comprehending how Google Web Search inquiries guided visitors to your website. Check the source of traffic from where people are finding your website link. You can use this traffic source to assess the efficiency of your custom campaigns, referrals, unpaid organic search keywords, and direct traffic.You can view which of your marketing campaigns are actually paying back with this comprehensive real-time report.

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