Is Facebook Organic Reach Declining? What Can You do?

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Is Facebook Organic Reach Declining? What Can You do?

Declining organic search has emerged as one of the recent topics in the Facebook marketing world. Now the Facebook community that you have built over the years will not be able to see the posts posted by your company. Marketers in large number are noticing a decrease in their Facebook organic reach. 

Declining Organic Reach

Do you know why the organic reach is declining? NO, let’s have a look at some of the reasons that are involved.

The first reason is very obvious. Every day a large amount of fresh content is being uploaded and shared by the users. However, previously only important experiences and content was shared. People used to upload images that capture their memorable moments but now-a-days the case is different. Now people can easily share too many images, articles and videos just with the swipe of their fingers or with the click of a button.fb-organic-reach

A large amount of content is present online which is way too large than what people can absorb. As a result, an increased competition is observed in News Feed and it is becoming difficult for the stories to gain proper exposure. People like more Facebook pages than ever and with every page like the competition increases.

The second reason revolves around how the News Feed works. Instead of showing all the content, News Feed shows only the content that is most relevant to the users. For instance, out of the 1500+ stories, a person may only see 200 stories when he logs on to his account. News Feed ranks each story, according to a number of factors and then show only the most important and relevant stories.

Is Facebook Trying To Make More Money?

This will be the next question doing rounds in your mind, right? But the answer is NO, Facebook is not trying to extort money from its users. They are trying to provide the best experience for the Facebook users. By getting actively engaged with the stories that appear on the News Feeds, people are more likely to get involved with the content offered by different businesses.


What Can Be Done?

Success is not about the absence of problems, but it is all about overcoming different problems. There are different ways to deal with the Facebook’s organic reach problem. So instead of giving up on the problem, be ready to deal with it in a planned manner. This post list out different solutions that will help you to deal with the declining organic reach problem.

  • Content Is The King

Make sure to have a well-planned content marketing plan in place to deal with the problem. Using content that targets your potential customers is really helpful. This will help them to know more about your products and services. Therefore think from your customer’s perspective and then plan a content marketing strategy.

  • Flip Your Timings

Instead of posting your content when the audience is online, try it the other way around. Start posting when the audience is offline to witness maximum results. There are different ways to explain the results, however, the most probable explanation is:

With less people being online, fewer number of posts will be posted because a majority of them are being posted during the peak hours. Posting off the peak time increases the chances of your post to reach out to a wide audience base and the post may stay on the top of the News Feed because of the low user engagement.

  • Personify Your Brand

People are not using Facebook just to buy products, but they use this medium to start a conversation or to know more about the latest update. Let your top fans interact with your business and engage with it. Take advantage of Facebook and use this social media platform to catch your potential client’s attention. The Facebook friends mode works as a brand, so be patient and remember to be conversational.


  • Interesting Questions

By popping up interesting and relevant questions, you can easily engage your prospective audience. Questions are one of the best ways to target your customers easily, however, irrelevant questions can do just the opposite. Ask questions that will strike a chord with your audience. Make your customers think a bit about the answer, but remember to make the questions interesting to catch their fancy.

  • The Photo Updates

According to the studies, it has been found that photos work best to engage the audience, but do not include an image with every update. Mix and match the content with relevant images to find what works best for your business. Do not use photos, when simple text post can serve the purpose. Don’t go overboard with the images and post them every time you post an update or a questionnaire. Devise your content plan in sync with the images.

  • The Jigsaw Puzzle

Most of your consumers are on the News Feed therefore it is important to target it. Develop a well-planned content approach to make sure that you are focusing on the targeted audience. Make your consumers aware of what you really want from them in an interesting manner or they will ignore your posts in the News Feed.

  • Utilize Trivia’s And Contest Effectively

Previously, Facebook did not allow businesses to run contests on their timeline, but now the scenario is different. Brands can run contests on their page’s timeline to increase audience engagement. The contests can be used to reflect your brand’s theme in an effective manner. So, if you feel that your brand’s reach is falling down, use trivia and contests to spur up your viral reach.

These were some ways through which you will witness an increase in your organic reach of Facebook. Also, make sure to have a call to action at the end of the page to help your audience find a way to reach out to your services. You can also encourage your fans to share some pictures and posts on your page.

How do you feel about the declining trend of the Facebook organic reach? Are you going to mix up your Facebook strategy or are planning to stick to the age-old rules? Want to share something on how to increase organic reach? Do not forget to leave it all in the comments below.

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