Is It Worth To Have Share Hosting To Boost SEO Ranking?

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While looking for hosting service a question that jogs around our mind regarding shared hosting is that is it worth to have numerous domains targeting to one single website to boost SEO ranking. Let’s check out and explore the answer.

So as to accomplish this, the customer had the thought of registering seven distinctive domain names, develop one site and target those domain names to the main website. Really very smart move, isn’t it? Theoretically yes, however from a SEO perspective, it’s not so effective.

The reason why it isn’t an effective procedure is for the reason that duplicate content is never a great in the realm of SEO! As a rule of thumb, search engines will take a gander at the diverse domain names and the content on it is identical (or extremely similar), which will increase the risk of low ranking of the website from a credibility point of view. Some experts believe that multiple domains won’t really bring down the quality for all versions, rather search engines will select a version of the site and overlook the others. On the other hand some experts believe that situation isn’t perfect as it open the objectionable interpretation that the duplicate content is considered as spam. Put differently, SEO is so critical it would be impossible to risk an undesirable understanding if we surefooted that the procedure doesn’t help at best.

The same problem takes place on the off chance that you have your site with the acronym “www” before your domain name and without it. For instance, and both are viewed as two separate destinations and would be considered as copied content. In the “www” illustration, the least demanding approach to get around being viewed as copy is the usage of what is known as a “301 redirect,” a permanent redirect form one URL to the next. If in case, somebody writes in duplicate domain names, the “301 redirect” will consequently take the client to the actual site such that only the key website will be indexed by search engines.

Keep in mind that both of the aforementioned situations just allude to diverse domains that have copy or extremely similar content. It would not be pertinent if your business makes more than one websites and contain totally different subject matter.

After reading this what you feel is it good to have multiple domain names to boost one main website. Or is there anything else you wanna say regarding this topic? Leave your comment below to discuss with us on this.

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