Is Link Building Still Used For SEO?

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Link Building is the most indispensable SEO skill, it is a pinnacle of several different skills; if you want to engage more people and also want consistent links on your site then, you need to be master on content creation, sales, programming, psychology and marketing. Though link engines cannot only scrutinize the popularity of websites, pages based on the number and popularity of pages linking to them, but also metrics like trust, spam and authority. For SEO, link building is among one of the top task required for search ranking and traffic success.

Link building techniques vary greatly and their effectiveness are same, there is no secret that Google uses link to measure the authority of web pages. Google’s job is to find the most germane pages on the web for a user query and rank them based on quality. An organically gained quality signals including links could intervene with the accuracy of those ranking. So, adopt a better approach for link building. Links are still the strongest signal that are considered by the algorithm for ranking. So, if you are looking for the search visibility, links need to be primary consideration.

Best Techniques To Building The Links

2015 marks a new era of building the links, a qualified SEO adopts latest techniques to improve his site ranking. Even though earning links are far more labor intensive, it is still important. You simply cannot generate the top ranking for your website without spawning high quality links.

Guest Blog

guestblogBehind every successful search engine optimization strategy there is a great link building plan to bring new infiltrate links to your website’s best pages. This is also the crucial step where many SEO techniques fall apart. However, inbound links are still the most important ranking factor for Google and other search engine. So, it is perilously important to you to do quality linking, if you intend to rank for competitive keyword. One of the best linking tactics available is Guest Blogging. when a website’s owner publishes content written by someone else, this process is called guest blogging. Most often the site owner will ascribe the content to the writer. This is commonly accepted that the writer will include a short bio that will be placed at the end of the guest blog. This includes a link to his/her website that acts as a backlink from high domain authority(DA) website. Many publisher allow several links in the author’s bio area or even a back link from within the content of the article, if it is relevant and adds value to the content.

This is critically important for creating a mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationships between publisher and author. This is the place where the publisher need the content and author needs the back links, together they can accomplish their needs.

Social Sharing

share-buttonCreating content is only half of content marketing, the other half is promoting your content. The best way to promote your content is on social media. If you want to promote your content, you will start to earn links for it. The first and foremost step is to establish yourself on social network, whenever, you are sending out standard link request, exchange link request, guest post request, or any type of link building correspondence. You will have more success if the webmaster and the blogger see you as a real person, not a nameless, fake less link builder. Simply including a link to your Twitter or Google+ profile in an email signature add a personal element in your request, giving the recipient a chance to check out and learn more about you.

Ask For Links

shutterstock_140511805It is one of the easiest way to get the links. Here ask for a link does not mean that to ‘beg for a link’, it simply means ‘trade for a link’. The most effective way of asking for link is by approaching people whom you know personally. It is a bit eerie to go around and ask people for a links when you do not know these people. It could work but less effective. It helps to have a platform build for yourself, a personal brand that is strong and trustworthy. Once your name gets bandied about your niche. People will think they know you even if they have never met you. This type of relationship will grow over time, you will gain trust and respect from your industry peers and your articles will get shared even more.

All link building campaigns must start with something worth linking to. It is very difficult to build links to high-value web pages, but when you begin with truly valuable that people find useful and share worthy, link building is a much easier venture.

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