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With the advent of technology, an increase in the use of tablets, Mac books or smart phones has been seen. However the android enabled smart phones and tablets have captured the market because, a large number of  mobile applications  are either free of cost or can be availed at a very low price. With the increase in the number of applications, it becomes difficult to make a choice however there are some of the best apps in the market that can help you to avail great experience through your android enabled smart phones, tablets or your iPhone.

The weather app

The BCC weather app, which can be availed free of cost has been delivering the best metrological experience to its users. This app comes with a number of stylish widgets, location-aware settings and long-range forecast and thus can help you to know more about the prevailing weather conditions so that you can plan your family trip to a new destination easily.


With easyJet, it has become easier to book your flight as with this mobile app, you can readily search, manage or book your flight in a matter of few seconds. You can also download boarding passes with this app and enjoy your journey in a better manner. Being a mobile applications, it helps you to keep all the travel information secured and at a single place. Therefore this is an advantageous app for all those who want to enjoy a hassle free journey. Do you know any free movie app for android? We gathered just for you! Take a look.

Mobile banking

Previously, not many people took advantage of the available mobile banking application however with the increase in the number of internet users the trend of mobile banking is fast catching up. Mobile banking is an easy and convenient way of managing your accounts along with being a safe way of making the transactions. You can securely register with your bank at anytime or anywhere and can then make the most of the services offered by them.

BT Wi-Fi

A must have application for all BT internet users, BT Wi-Fi can help you to easily access the wireless broadband at public places. After feeding in the BT account password you can easily access the internet automatically every time you are in the BT hotspot. This makes it easier for the users as they are not required to carry a dongle or pay for the 3G network every time they want to avail internet services.


Now the next time you wish to get in touch with your loved ones living in some other country, you can easily do so with the help of WhatsApp messenger without any additional cost. With this messaging service, you can easily write unlimited messages, attach photographs or videos and send them to people living across the world.

So keep your smart phone updated with all these mobile applications and enjoy what the android world has to give.

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