List of Excellent WordPress Backup Plugins

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Passwords never provide 100% protection to a website and this is the reason why a lot of websites get hacked every day. What if one day you find out that your website is not only hacked but the web host even deleted it! This situation can prove to a dangerous nightmare if you do not have a backup available. You’ll be required to create your website from scratch. The leading Content Management System (CMS) WordPress provides its users with some of the best plugins to help their websites get ultimate security. Let’s have a look at the features of these plugins:

  • BackUpWordPress: This plugin will backup your website including your database and all the files. No set up is required to use this tool and it is quite easy to use. The main characteristics of this plugin include option to have the backup files mailed to you, capability to perform functions with low memory and the ability to eliminate folders and files from backups.
  • Backup Scheduler: This plugin allows you to schedule the backup of your complete website, select where you want to save the backup file and set how frequently you need the plugin to take the backup of your website.
  • WordPress Backup to Dropbox: This plugin is created to provide backup to your blog on a regular basis. Just select the time and day and how frequent would you like the backup to be carried out. Your database SQL dump and the files of your websites will be saved in Dropbox. You can also select where you would like the backup to be stored on the server and in the Dropbox. At the same time you can select the directories and files that you wish to exclude from backup.
  • UpdraftPlus: This plugin allows you to save the backup by making use of a cloud storage device like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc. You can also save the backup to an offshore web server through SFTP or FTP.
  • VaultPress: This backup plugin is a subscription based one and is created by ‘Automattic’-the company that operates above 25 million websites on The plugin makes it simpler to manage an up to date backup of your website with the syncing of both real time and daily content of WordPress. To make sure that your website is safe and secure, VaultPress carries out security scans and at the same time makes it easy to fix and review threats.

Creating backups for your website require a good amount of technical knowledge. A WordPress powered website provides you the option of excellent plugins that can help to manage backups in an efficient manner.

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