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Who can envisage a world without the internet? Well… none of us can imagine this even in dreams. Today, we all use laptops, phones and tablets to access the web in quest of some useful information, to search new recipes on YouTube, download movies or videos, to purchase or sell, pay the bills or simply engage in conversation with kiths and kins.

The internet seems entirely different these days than it appears when the very first websites ran online, and it’s miraculous how much the world of the web has changed over the years. Web designers are regularly finding cool and new techniques to alter the way to interact with the internet. Prior checking out the recent trends in web design, let’s take a look at his birth and how it nurtured till now!!!

In 1991 Tim Berners-Lee introduces us with the first web browser. Since then, the net has continued to develop and change, and so has web designing.

Birth: Early 90’ to Late 90’

At this time websites were only text-based & single column pages done in HTML and website at his birth was built for less-than-perfect connection speeds. In mid 90’s website grew bit and began to use table-based designs in order to get more creativity and flexibility. Table made it feasible to make multiple-column rows and other navigational factors. Background images, Frame pages that separate the website’s body from the side bar navigation, page hit counters, scrolling & animated text and dancing GIF images were started plus flash was introduced.

Infancy: Late 90’s to Early 00’s

In late 90’s website saw the sudden rise of flash and numerous websites developed as an amalgamation of table-based design & flash. It started new features like logos bouncing around, color-changing navigations, neon colors navigation based on flash, 3D button and PHP become popular. In 2000 website evolve new concept known as CSS, which separates web design with web content. With it the design element of a homepage such as text size, background color, links on icon, pixilation and resolution defined in style sheet instead of in HTML.

Toddler: Early ’00 to mid’00

In this phase, website fosters the rise of JavaScript and used for page layouts, drop-down menus, web forms and advanced navigation pages. Also developed user-created content to create online profiles, photo collections and journals. It saw the beginning of the semantic web movement and xml coding.

Teenager: Late ’00 to till now

At this stage of the development website saw the industrial revolution with the advent of Web 2.0. and result in the development of multimedia applications, more use of asynchronous javascript & XML,the execution of interactive content, HTML5 as an effective substitute of flash or advanced graphics or video and rise of the social networking websites. Rise of tablets & Smartphone compatible websites to surf anywhere/anytime, tall & skinny website and reduce the navigation bar only important areas are shown.

Presently we are witnessing trends like parallax, interactive, flat design, mix and match typography and so on.

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Responsive web design:-

This is the latest development we are fostering in web designing, in which your website will adapts or adjusts as per the screen of the user and looks attractive on any device.


Want to have 3D effect on your website, parallax effect is good option for you. In this an illusion of depth of field is created by merging effect of 3D illusion, movement and depth.

Flat design:-

A flat design can provide clean & minimalist and is comparatively easier and more direct to use. It’s all about keeping your website simple, clean yet modern.

Clean and minimalist:-

Now users like those websites which are clean and minimalist and can be used intuitively. Simplicity is beauty so ensure to uphold a simple feel around your site.


Capitalize through info-graphics by making them more interactive and simple. Its just like creating a story around your facts and numbers.

One-page design:-

Now one page websites is in trend. These websites make use of tiles, light-boxes and overlays that can be expended & repositioned effortlessly.

Mix and match typography:-

Add diversity in your typography in terms of styling and size. Also use responsive typography that will create your website more interactive.

Mobile Ready:-

Create a web design that not only have a responsive web design, but also be well optimized on mobile.


These days adding images and illustrations in a websites are in trend to get visually appealing site. To make it more interesting blurriness and overlays effects can be added.

Video background:-

Having ample of text is outdated now uploading video to convey your message to visitors is more in trend. The 6 second videos are more preferred as they are easy to make and everyone love to watch them.

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  • http://ideasandtechniques.wordpress.com Joe

    I think the responsive web design is a big achievement for all web designing professionals. With responsive designs now it is easy to render any website in different resolutions and devices successfully with a great user experience. Nice article and I loved the concept of explaining web designing in terms of different ages.

    • admin

      Yes, It was a demand of time. With so many devices with different screen resolution/sizes available, it was essential to invent something like this

      Thanks for participating.