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With the emergence of a large number of mobile platforms, mobile application development has turned into a profitable business. These apps are the quickest and easiest ways to promote and sell your services and products. There are a large number of popular apps that have received millions of downloads from users. But only a few among them have generated a great amount of revenue. The success of an app depends on the number of people that are making use of it.

One way to gain success in the mobile application market is through developing social apps. The developers gain a lot of advantage when users share information with their friends on social applications. Twitter and Face book apps are the greatest examples of mobile social apps that have garnered a lot of popularity. Though developing social apps may not help you gain large profits but you can earn great revenue if you combine these apps with in-app purchasing. When it comes to mobile gaming, the developers can earn by offering their users ad free versions of games at reasonable costs. Some games also generate revenue by motivating their users to buy game themes or virtual cash.

These days various companies and application developers have started partnering with different mobile brands to release their applications with them. The situation, if it works well, can prove to be advantageous for both the app developer and mobile brand. This can prove to be a good opportunity for new app developers to display their work in the marketplace. Let’s have a look at some of the ways through which you can earn money from free Android applications.

  • App optimization: If you want to top the charts of Play Store application then you should optimize our mobile app for the application store. The name of your app, its description, keywords and title should be easily found when one searches for them on Google.
  • Charge for the premium version of apps: Offer the basic version of your app for free and then start charging users if they want to get access to the premium version. You can give ads in the free version and charge users for an ad free version
  • Build several apps: Create several apps that cover distinct categories. This will boost your portfolio and at the same time generate different sources of income for you. This will also help you in getting connected with a large number of users.
  • Cross promotion of applications: Go for the cross promotion of your apps on different networks of advertising. This will also multiply your revenue when users click on the ads.
  • Consider in-app advertising: In-App advertisement and tie up with companies that want to promote their products and services from within an application can help you generate good revenue from your free mobile app. Do not give too much ads as this can drive away users

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