Microsoft putting an end on a support for Windows Phone 7.8

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Windows Phone 7.8

All Windows 7.8 phone users listen carefully: Microsoft is closing up support for this phone. In the near future, Microsoft will no more fix or offer upgrades for Windows 7.8 users.  The support page of the companylists both OSs, and enounces that they will support Windows Phone 7.8 till September 9, 2014. They had recently put an end to Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 7.8 is the alternative that Microsoft offered to former Windows Phone 7 users who didn’t feel like to purchase a new device. There is no clear upgrade lane from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8, so Windows Phone 7.8 renders some, however not all, of the features in the operating system.

As Microsoft was so keen to earmark its older phone model to remain in circulation, one has to think over what Microsoft is doing by issuing end of support dates so early, particularly as it could have an unfavorable impact on the support as well as trust from developers.

“Do you know numbers of windows phone 7.8 users available? They are around 17% of the Windows Phone market, so it’s no undersized tally.”

Windows Phone 7.8 was ne’er more than an adhesive bandage. Microsoft made up their mind that the Windows Phone required to join the bigger Windows family, and the original Phone 7, 7.1 7.5, and 7.8 devices can, by no means, share in that future. Therefore, to witness Microsoft quitting from the product is scarcely shocking.

After September 9, phones supported by windows phone 7.8 won’t be receiving any more new OS features or any other key performance improvements. Nevertheless, those same phones will still get free security updates for the coming five years. The majority of individuals will probably buy all new phones with windows phone 8.1 set up instead of using their out-dated device for the coming five years.

In a nutshell, if you are on Windows Phone 7.8 you a couple of months left prior your phone won’t update ever again.

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