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Wordpress Plug-ins

We all know WordPress is used to design a fine-looking blog or website because of its various advantages, however one of the greatest benefits of WordPress to make a website with ease. The reality is that you can design a completely functional and attractive site adding lots of features without having any knowledge of coding. This has been possible all because of huge plug-ins library that can give life to a featureless site with a couple of clicks.

There are number of WordPress plug-ins available for almost everything from booking appointments to sharing content on social networking sites. Virtually anything that you like your site to perform can be made doable with a WordPress plug-in. However, there are ample of plug-ins to select from, it’s difficult to pin down which ones are good to use. So we Suffescom determined to help you by compiling a list of the greatest & must have WordPress plug-ins available that we work on.

So, let we start

Digg Digg

Getting the content of your website to be shared all over the internet is groovy for brand awareness, generating traffic as well as for SEO reasons. Digg Digg plug-in advocates your visitors to share for the reason that it drifts with the content as users scroll the page. As a result, the sharing buttons are readily handy without disturbing you. Let’s check out what social media sites are available for Digg Digg, Facebook, Google+ Pinterest, twitter etcetera the list is long.

WordPress SEO Yoast

There are quite a lot of assortments of SEO plug-ins for WordPress. The two commonest are All-In-One SEO and WordPress SEO Yoast. Both of these plug-ins are great, but we give SEO the favorable position here. The plug-in is really easy-to-use that makes it feasible for even those who have no idea about SEO. It was introduced by Joost de Valk an expert when it refers to WordPress SEO. He invested all his knowledge into making this plug-in. With the help of this plug-in you can do all SEO basics


Your WordPress site runs speedily and function properly is a huge task. One of the most effective plug-ins to help your site run in well-organized manner is WP-Optimize. It cleans up your databases without PhpMyAdmin. For the layman user, plunging into databases is too much bewildered and most of you wouldn’t even know from where to begin. WP-Optimize totally ease the process of database cleaning by allowing you to modify your database with only a few clicks. There is no need to have any technical knowledge.

Security Ninja

The most popular topic is security of WordPress and something that you will notice numerous plug-ins for. For solve this purpose Security Ninja was designed, which is among most effective WordPress security plug-ins ever created. It performs over 30 diverse tests to check out the security of your website. It will check things like plug-ins or themes are up-to-the-minute, attempts for login and other vital factors of WP security. It’s tremendously simple to use. After installing it, click on Run Tests to see where possible threats may be present.

Contact Form 7

One of the outmaneuver ways to add contact forms into your website is Contact Form 7. Ample numbers of premium themes are available with contact forms in-built, though the customizations as well as features are somewhat limited. With it you can make different contact forms as you would like, and totally customize them. You can not only customize the forms but also customize the email you get when somebody fills out your form.

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