Pinterest With Google+ Collections

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Pinterest With Google+ Collections

Pinterest is a personalized media platform where you can discover ideas for all your projects or find things that you want to do. After many rumors, Google+ finally announced Google+ Collections. This feature will help the users to create specific posts revolving around different topics and may include images, videos or more. This is one of the biggest update launched by Google+ and according to the officials, this is a different way in which the users can group their posts depending on the topic.

If you are a fan of social media sharing platform such as Pinterest, you will not feel let down by this latest announcement. In Google+ Collections, you can create as many collections as you want and can even share your own posts or posts from other people’s collection. By default, you will be already following a bunch of collections of people that are present in your circle. However, unfollowing them just takes a single click.

So let’s see how Google+ Collections works:

The First Collection

Creating your own collection of videos or images is simple in Google+ Collections. You need to think of a topic of your choice, next go to the Google+ menu and click on the collections tab. Here you need to click on the “Create a collection” and then give a name to your collection. Select who you want to share your collection with. Do you want to share it with your friends or with the public? After making a choice you are done.

You can also select a splash of colors and a cover image for your collection. To do the same, click on customize button and then on the setting icon. You can customize your collection to differentiate it from the crowd. However, if you are planning to create an image, make sure that the dimensions are 1920X1080.

Share With The World Through Share Button google-share-button-04

Since the launch of Google+, the share button have been updated a lot of time. However, withthe launch of Google+ Collections, the entire focus is on the share button. This button comes with a tacked-on menu that allow the users to reshare or move the post into their favorite collection.

The reshare button copies the post to the desired collection while the original post is still safe with you. You can also move the original post to a collection of your choice and it will not show on the stream. However, when resharing a post, it will show up in the stream.

Content Aggregation

Do you think that you will end up spamming your followers? Do not worry as Google+ will automatically roll up different posts into a single post. A label will be present at the top of the aggregate post which will link the viewers to your collection. This is a unique feature rolled out in Google+ Collections.

Discover The Collectionspinterest-collections

By visiting the main collection page, you can easily see the collections of individuals in your circle. If the creator of the collection in your circle has enabled, you will be following their collections. The “Collections from your circle” section will have all the collections and the posts that you follow manually will be shown in “Posts you follow” section. And as long as you are following a person, you will see the collection that he shares or reshare in the stream.

You can easily share your own posts or somebody’s post with the help of handy share button. When you share a post, it will include the name and the cover page of the collection along with a “Follow” button.

Just like the Google+ Community and Circles you can subscribe to notifications. In simple words, this means that you will be notified every time the collection you have subscribed to gets updated. The Google + Collections is currently available for the web and Android, and the iOS version will be rolled later on.

So let’s see how the community will react to this new announcement by Google+. While we wait to see, it must be remembered that Google+ is still alive.

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