Recent trends for web development in 2014

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In 2014, we are anticipating to a decline in the usage of legacy browsers as well as increase in support for avant-garde and stimulating web technologies. This conversion will endow developers with the creativity to make faster apps that run consistently on all devices along with the native apps’ speed and capability. As we back off from supporting users trapped in the dark ages, now we can design apps without heavy draw backs, the unavoidable IE-victim and hack polyfills.

Let’s check out top recent trends for web development in 2014

1. More 3D effect

There are a plethora of very intellectual developers already trespassing 3D abilities of current browsers. We are observing a boost in support for CSS3 3D conversions, which is a mobile-savvy and lightweight method of rendering 3D effects. This year we are seeing more mind-blowing and remarkable presentations, apps and games ruling the 3D setting with WebGL. At present, 3D development is in the kingdom of an excellent-geek, and a lot of .development companies endeavor to create a framework as well as a tool which take it to the mainstream.

2. HTML5 JavaScript API Index

Web Storage gives a cleaner option to cookies, as the entire info can now be doggedly laid aside locally on the browser of a user. This will be particularly convenient for mobile apps as it allows easy offline storage of customer data. Web Workers let many complex JavaScript tasks to be executed concurrently devoid of any kind of penalties on functioning. WebSockets are a stimulating, quicker alternative to AJAX for instantaneous communication. We are seeing a boost in the usage of WebSockets for online-gaming and live-chat. Application Cache is an additional powerful feature that allows web apps to act more like native apps by laying away the entire app for offline use.

3. The increase of client-side web applications and JavaScript

There are lots of advantages of making an app completely with client-side technologies for the reason that developers don’t have to run off and study new language. The app can be deployed on any host because deployment has become much easier. Now, HTML5 JS APIs, can do almost everything that framework of a heavy server-side can do probably even better. We are seeing a spectacular growth in the popularity of JavaScript though other options of JavaScript like Dart and CoffeeScript will lately become really popular and the tomorrow’s developers will likely be confident in one or the other.

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4. Front-end framework development

In 2013 front-end frameworks were quite popular and in 2014 we are hoping to see further improvement in the workflow of coders. An additional thing we are keen to see in 2014, is the front-end development stack. This would preferably comprise:-

  • Simple deployment via command line or GUI
  • Testing server
  • Dependency management
  • The front-end framework of choice
  • Smooth integration with any platform
  • Task-runner

Yeoman is a great open source client-side development stack free tool which strictly matches these criteria, to help coders build top-quality web applications

5. More across-the-board use of HTML5 video

Now when you visit any website you will see a video and most of the time it is rendered via Toutube, iframe or Vimeo for the reason that there is no need to bother about the storage or bandwidth. The accurate video format is loaded grounded on the browser making the request, easing any issues related to compatibility. Now more and more developers are using custom HTML5 video tags to show video on websites.

6. Drag & drop the whole thing

HTML5 drag-and-drop overturned interfaces when it came on the scene. However, in 2014 we are observing a more interactive web that advantages this technology cleverly as well as innovatively.

  • Groovier touch device support for drag-and-drop user interface
  • Lots of websites & apps offering users to modify the layout with drag-and-drop option and many more

7. Responsive web design has become popular

This year we are observing new sites & apps that are being designed to respond to all and sundry device possible. There is actually no exemption for not creating responsive designs with Bootstrap or Foundation etc frameworks.

So according to you what are other recent trends for web development industry this year that we missed out. Do let us know. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post.

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