Roll Out Of Penguin 3.0: The New Algorithm Update By Google

October 31, 2014 • Internet Marketing Blog - SEO, SEM and SMO • Views: 1,178

google penguin 3.0 update


Google has rolled out its new algorithm update Penguin 3.0. The update was confirmed by the company on 17th October, 2014. As Penguin updates are designed to flush out spam on the World Wide Web, major changes are anticipated from this new update. Penguin 3.0 is the 6th released update. The update is a worldwide one and is said to impact all the versions of Google. The roll out is bound to continue for the coming few weeks. Lesser than 1 percent of English queries are impacted by the new update and the other languages may be impacted more or less. The update will keep a check on websites to see if they are maintaining clean link profiles.

All poor quality links will be lowered down in the rankings of the search engine. Poor quality links are the result of poor quality websites. These websites violate the guidelines of the search engines which recommend the users to upload unique and quality content on websites. Links coming from sites that do have original content are considered as low quality of links. Other indicators that affect the quality of links include excessive ads on pages, keyword stuffing and interlinking with low quality websites.

Pierre Far from Google UK calls the new update as ‘Refresh’. A refresh according to the terminology of Google centered on algorithms implies that the company has only re-run the algorithm to liberate websites that have sorted out their issues and to demote websites which have their issues still prevailing. No fresh signals are added to the algorithm to search websites related to Penguin. Many SEO industries are not satisfied with receiving just a ‘refresh’.

Just like any other refresh of an algorithm, few websites that were earlier targeted would observe an increase in their ranking as they are not affected by the algorithm anymore. Few other websites may observe a drop in their ranking in the search engine results as they were just selected as websites that would be hit by the Penguin algorithm.

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