Say bye to Orkut as it is going to shut down

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Say bye to Orkut as it is going to shut down

On September 30, 2014 the very first social networking site “ORKUT” launched by Google in 2004 is shutting down, it was, in no way, a massive hit except India, Brazil and other few countries. At that point in time users will not be able to sign in anymore, all the tools including APIs will go down as well as transfer photos to Google+ will be inaccessible. However, till September 2016, Orkut lovers will still be capable to transfer all of their data by using “Google Takeout”. For most of the users it is hard to believe that Google has taken the decision to shut down Orkut may because they took almost 10 years to take such decision.

Orkut ne’er become popular in the U.S., though it did find its place in countries like Brazil, where — awhile leastwise — it was the most caught on social network site. It was not till 2012, for instance, that Facebook overpowered it there, eventually. Moreover, in India, Orkut was not able to continue for much longer duration. At present, 50 % of Orkut users are still from Brazil, 20% from India and remaining below 18% are from the U.S.A.

According to Google the growth of Blogger, YouTube and Google+ has surpassed the growth of Orkut. Google also said that it wants to concentrate on its resources as well as energy on creating these and other such social platforms as awe-inspiring as feasible for everybody who uses them.

Orkut introduced in 2004, the product of a “20 percent project” from Google engineer named “Orkut Büyükkökten.” Shockingly, it easy not easy to migrate the entire data from Orkut to Google plus. The Orkut account holder can link their profiles to Google plus, however doing so will not migrate other Orkut data to Google+. Albeit, Orkut users also can transfer their pictures to Google+ Photos, a more encompassing migration device would help alleviate questions about Google’s dedication to Google+.

Apart from this, the Orkut mobile app will be taken away from Google Play and from Apple’s App Store. Those users who have downloaded the app, beforehand, will be capable to proceed to use it till the service shuts down in three months.

So, before it shuts down visit your Orkut profile and relive your memories……….

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