Selecting The Right Facebook Call To Action Button And How To Add It

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Selecting The Right Facebook Call To Action Button And How To Add It

Facebook, a popular social media platform give entrepreneurs a chance to bridge the gap between their business and prospective clients. It is used by well-established businesses and startups to reach out to their customers easily. BTW have you heard about the latest addition made by Facebook lately? NO, read on to know more.

Facebook offers the option to create a Call to Action button for business pages. Now businesses have a better chance to divert the social media traffic to their landing page. The call to action button was introduced to help entrepreneurs reach the objective of their business in a better manner. So now you can choose the CTA depending on the unique requirements of your business. Whether you want to drive traffic up to your website or want to increase the number of sign-ups or buyers, everything can be done easily with the a relevant CTA.    


The options for Call to Action offered by Facebook include:  

  • Contact Us – It is a pretty straight forward way of asking your clients to contact your business. If selecting this option, make sure that you link it directly to your website.
  • Book Now – If your business offers a scheduling feature to its visitors, this CTA will help you to make it convenient for the clients to book their appointments.
  • Shop Now– Does your business sell merchandise? If yes, opting for “Shop Now” CTA will be a wise decision as it will directly drive the visitors to your online shop.
  • Watch Video – Videos are fast becoming the latest trend to advertise your services. So select “Watch Video” CTA and direct the visitors directly to your company videos.
  • Sign Up– Want to collect users‘ contact information? If yes, going in for this option will be the best bet.
  • Use App – Are you promoting an application that can be used by the mobile users? Connect this CTA to the app and witness an increase in its popularity.
  • Play Game – A new feature in the industry, virtual games help the business owners to promote their cause in a unique manner. Use this CTA to attract gamers attention.

Each call to action button has been designed with a specific objective. As the call to action button on Facebook will help you to increase your website traffic significantly, therefore choose them wisely.

How It Works

Now after you have chosen a CTA, the next step will be to use it on your page. Here’s how you can include the call to action button on your Facebook page.

  • First and the most important thing, log into your Facebook company page.
  • Next to the like button on your cover photo, you will find “Create Call-To-Action” drop down button.
  • By clicking on it, you will find a list of the above-mentioned call to action options.
  • Select the most appropriate CTA and enter the URL of the website that you want to redirect the online visitors to.
  • When done, click on the next button on the right hand side corner.
  • On the next screen, you will find the iOS Destination option.
  • Choose where you want to drive the iOS traffic to.
  • If you want them to visit the website, choose “web” and if you want them to visit an application, choose “app”.
  • Follow the same instruction for Android users as well on the following screen.
  • Finally, click on the create button and you are done!!

You can easily edit or delete the call to action option on your business page by simply clicking on the button and selecting between “Edit call-to-action” or “Delete call-to-action”. Facebook also help business owners to see how many profile visitors have clicked on the Facebook page CTA.

Remember CTA alone cannot increase your website traffic. So use your creativity, impressive images and relevant Call to action to prompt users into clicking on it. Find out which CTA button works best for your business and implement the right strategy to increase your sales.

So what do you think about this new option offered by Facebook? Is it beneficial for your company? Does it help in driving traffic? Tell us your views BELOW!!

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