Simple Steps can Increase Traffic on Your Online Stores

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Simple Steps can Increase Traffic on Your Online Stores

Being an online retailer the main concern that jogs in your mind must be “how to attract new customers” or “hold existing ones”, or “how to increase the traffic on my online store” or “what strategies my competitor is following that he’s getting the most out of his efforts.” Isn’t it true?

My friends, you can make your online store rank organically higher on Google for nearly all the vital keywords, get a desirable position on social media, get more leads, higher conversion rate and eventually more revenue. All this can happen by simply following these simple steps and they are:

Thoroughly search the keywords

Those who know even a bit about SEO must be familiar with the importance of keyword. Not having a high-quality keyword is among the most usual issues with online retail stores that don’t sell. The SEO team does a systematic research via AdWords Keyword Planner, keywords commonly used as search and of course complete Competitor analysis and list of few keywords is prepared that would target the audience. For example, some keywords are related to the product, seasonal or festive offers or discounts, general queries.

On-page SEO

Then move to second step i.e. on page SEO through which your website content is made readable for users. Problem with on-page SEO can be the reason for not ranking your website in search engines. Therefore, the main focus must be on products, URLs, content, Meta tags, heading and so on. Your ecommerce site is gibed with SEO savvy CMS in order to easily optimize the loading time of your website, headings, web page size, Meta tags, product description, etc.

Check the loading time of your website (If required)

If required, SEO team reduces the loading time of your website to further ameliorate user experience and also to reduce website bounce rate. Owing to the large number of pages high rate of loading time is another issue with online retail stores. By doing so will lift up the possibility of your website to rank higher in search engines. To conquer this, the designing team helps in deploying faster servers, minimizing the size of website components and using more effective development techniques to get data. Most of the designers and SEO experts ignore the importance of loading time, which leads to falling of Google ranking.

On-Site Optimization of Content

Add elaborated, keyword rich and comprehensible product descriptions and regularly update the subject matter with new and unique content. Lord Google favors those websites which have fresh, unique as well as quality content. With the help of content writers, the uniqueness of your online retail website can be managed.

Remove the duplicate content

There is a possibility that your website may contain some duplicate content on a few pages for the reason that some products are very common. At times multiple URLs automatically get generated for the same page every time buyers give a feedback. In order to handle it robots.txt can be used this will block the page that has duplicate content.

Set up various traffic sources

Therefore, not only focuses on website to increase traffic rather also work on SMM (Social Media Marketing), blogging and so on to produce various sources of traffic. It is done because only targeting keywords through official website is not sufficient. If you want to improve the conversion rate of your website then create as much traffic source as you can. If any company claiming that you can achieve high results by only targeting official website keywords just think twice prior hiring them.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

SMO is equally important as on-site SEO. Numerous keywords will targeted through official and non-official social media profiles of company on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest or other such sites. Relevant keywords are properly used in the profile details, descriptions, posts and image titles, even pins are created on Pinterest, etc. Hash tags are used to boost the visibility of content for both visitors as well as Google.

Regular Supervising

The performance of your website is persistently supervised by Google Analytics and various other such tools. Landing pages, Target keywords, external sources of traffic, homepage, etc are always tracked for variations and areas of betterment. The individual and overall page traffic of the website, visit duration & exist rate and bounce rate and so on are also analyzed.

All these steps will help you in gradually ameliorating the search engine performance as well as online visibility.

“Are you worried about your site because it is not ranking well? If yes, then our genius SEO experts are always there to help you to build perpetual sources of increasing traffic and sales by following these aforementioned steps”

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