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  • How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy ?  

    Posted on September 24, 2019 , Content Marketing, Views: 127


    Social media transformed the brands and their audience communicated with each other on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. These social media platforms have now become a platform where brands can show their ability and worth.

    The role of social media in brand building is very significant. Being a budding brand you can utilise the instilled potential of social media by adopting an effective social media marketing strategy. The strategy should be built around the key metrics such as the best platform to be used, strength of your followers on that platform and the type of content funnel to be used. 

    The blog post incorporates some important pointers that will help you develop a strong, and effective social media strategy for your business:  

    Set Specific Goals:  

    A social media marketing strategy starts with specifying Start by setting specific, and measurable social media goals. You may have or multiple business objectives to fulfill. It’s recommended to set aside short term goals and stick to one that has been set in larger perspective. Your business goal may be to drive more sales or bring more customers on board. Regardless of the business motive you’re aiming at, an intended strategy would always be a great follow through.  

    Understating your target Audience:  

    Unless you have a better understanding of your target audience, your strategy will remain futile. If you invest time and resource in discover who your target audience are, you will have a higher chance of converting social media followers into your loyal customers.  

    Prepare a checklist to define who your ideal customers are. The list must include demographic details of the audience including gender, age group, geographical location and occupation. 

    You can take advantage of social media tools to discover key information about target audience. The information includes the details about the social media platforms they are using the most, the kind of content they are interested in, the way they are communicating with the brands and other valuable insights too. Once you’ve enough data about your audience, you can engage them better.  

    Optimize your Social Media Profiles: 

    Before inviting audience on your social media brand pages, make sure that your social media profiles having all your credentials in place. This is the only way to tell people about your brand and attract them to visit your social media channels. Post the right information about your brand that’s updated and compelling.

    Add necessary business information on your social profiles including business name, contact details and services you offer. Take advantage of keyword planner tools to discover relevant search terms that your buyers are using to find your product. In addition, use of relevant of keywords in your social media profiles also help you rank higher in search results.

    Make awe-inspiring content:  

    The fact worth noticing is that every social media platform is distinct in terms of intended audience, content formats and functions. This is why you have to create a distinct social media marketing strategy for different social media platforms being used. 

    For example: Instagram is an image based social network whereas LinkedIn is totally meant to cater to the professionals and brands in the industry. Similarly, Facebook is the best platform for connecting people and sharing thoughts. 

    Thus, your social media strategy must in sync with the social media channels you use. Your social media strategy must be aligned with your audience hanging around there. For example, if you’re looking to increase your follower base on Twitter, keep posting informative and engaging content in form of tweets. 

    Whatever the social media strategy you put in place, it’s overall goal is to engage people and drive more sales. 


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