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  • 5 organic ways to increase Twitter Followers

    Posted on October 5, 2019 , Internet Marketing Blog - SEO, SEM and SMO, Views: 96


    Who doesn’t want the overnight success?

     Of course, no one!

    Same is the case with promoting your business on one of the best social media portals, Twitter. Unluckily, every Twitterati or netizen, in general, is in haste and wants to wake up millionaire and that too rising from scratch. No offence to all those wannabe’s but let’s makes it clear with quoting one gentleman “good things take time”.

    But that never means you sit idle and keep waiting for the right time to come. You should work for it and that too in the right direction.  So apart from these advice, which you’d have been hearing now and then we have some tips and tricks to share so you’d increase your Twitter followers right away.

    Game-changing Tips to increase your Twitter Followers 

    Set your Twitter Profile

    You might be an active user for long on Twitter but have you ever thought how many people on this platform just stick to your profile in the first sight.  The first thing anyone would notice about your Twitter account is profile and cover photos, and if that isn’t something attractive, no chance of liking at first sight.

    In order to work on this change your profile photo with something attractive. If you’re thinking to update something abstract or subtle it will have fewer audience. Create something that adds sense to every person. Moreover, if it’s your company profile, a high-quality logo with your catchphrase would work. But make sure you remain spot on with the short-bio. Make it clear that your bio is actually revealing enough to make the user interested in following you straightaway.

    Stay Active

    If you’re a brand make sure you have 24/7 online presence as your customer can have a question or thing to discuss any other time. And Twitter is one of the most popular platforms when it is about customers contacting the business through it.  

    For staying active, you can hire some customer care representatives for Twitter and ask them to be responsive even if it’s a happy customer appreciating or an angry one up with the rant.

    Optimize your Tweet Timing

    Once your targeted audience is clear nothing should hinder in between you targeting them. Keep noted their active hours and try to Tweet at that time. This would not only increase your engagements on that particular Tweet but will create a dedicated audience around that.

    You can also split the audience timing and Tweet according to them. For instance, you create some different post for those early-risers and the different one for the night owls.  

    Post Visuals, Info graphics, Facts

    You have to Tweet frequently but don’t forget quality is more important than quantity. So what sums up the quality? A well-written content always speaks volumes for you and your brands. But adding attractive visuals, info graphics and facts work as icing on the cake.

    Some eye-popping facts can do wonders as the stakeholders won’t only like them but Retweet them in the first glimpse as well. Same goes for the info graphics as it actually represents the data and statistics in an easy-going way. 

    Engage with your audience

    Don’t miss the chance to engage with your audience as these are the people who’ll make you stand tall. You can reply to them in the first place and like their retweets and replies down your Tweet as well.  And when it’s about making some loyal customers, try Retweeting them as it’ll double their faith in you or your brand.

    As little engagement as thanking for the mention can do wonders in favour of your Twitter handle.





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