Top 10 Digital Marketing Methods to Grow Your Business & Sustain Its Momentum

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Top 10 Marketing Methods

If only 50% of newly established ventures survive more than 5 years and no more than one-third of such new startups make it to 10 years, what is the most crucial thing you should consider to maintain your business growth? The answer is to follow the best marketing strategies for your business growth, of course.

The afore-shared cold statistics are not intended to scare off entrepreneurs or business owners, but to motivate them to work smarter and harder for their business growth. Yes, business growth – is what an entrepreneur craves, business investors need, and markets demand. And that’s all possible by adopting some proven marketing techniques for business growth.

Here we’ve compiled a list of 10 best marketing methods to help you grow your business and sustain its momentum:

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media marketing focuses on targeting potential customers available across social networks, resulting in increased brand visibility and traffic. With this business marketing technique, you can provide your users with valuable content, videos and images that they want to share across their social networks. It will also positively affect your digital marketing efforts in terms of increasing relevancy in search results within social media networks, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Brand Storytelling

Tame the superpower of storytelling marketing technique for your business growth. Brand storytelling allows you to present a memorable tale of what your business is, why you started it, how you give solutions and solve your customers’ problems, how you engage customers, community and the public in general. This memorable business presentation will help you to engage consumers at an emotional level. A brand’s online presentation backed by a higher emotional intensity will result in more sales and conversions compared to a less emotionally connected brand.

Never Stop Networking

Always keep your hunger high for making new connections. Reaching out and making new contacts totally rely on your existing contacts, customers, and clients. If you are serving them efficiently, they will help you to influence others for your services, ultimately, it will help your business to grow and thrive.

Influence Customers to Contact You

Instead of finding customers, be found by them. Yes, you read that right. You can display some special offers, deals or discounts on your website and influence customers to contact you rather than reaching out to them. This is one of the best business marketing strategies that helps you to attract your customer’s attention to your products, services, and website.

Word of Mouth Advertising

Don’t ignore the power of word of mouth advertising. This is where all the so-called magic can happen. It is an unpaid, organic business marketing strategy that includes a recommendation from a friend, client, customer, colleague or business partner about their positive experience with your business and services. And it can further spur dozens of leads! The ‘Word of mouth’ marketing technique isn’t only limited to verbal advertising, but it also includes online reviews and opinions for spreading the word.

Google AdWords

When it comes to bringing your business in front of your customers’ eyes, nothing can outsmart Google AdWords. It is another best marketing medium for business promotion. You can leverage its benefits by turning your landing page into a questionnaire survey.

Grab Endorsements from Top Experts

If your new product is all set to fly and you’re going to launch it in the market, don’t forget to grab an endorsement from a top expert just after its launch. Latest tech news website can help you make a huge difference for your product and business as well.

Free Media/PR

Free media is a kind of publicity which is earned through efforts rather than doing a paid advertising. It may include – a social media testimonial, a post in a trade magazine, a newspaper article, word of mouth advertising, a mention through TV or radio, etc. This marketing method is unsolicited and can’t be purchased or earned like traditional advertising.

Enlist Your Business Under Online Map Listings

If you own a brick-and-mortar shop or having a physical address of your business, enlist it into online map listings. It will help your customers to easily locate your business over the web. Not only does it come under the proven marketing techniques for business growth, but also a more affordable medium of business marketing.

Create Video Tutorials

Understand your audience and get to know their pain points. Try to heal their pain points by creating step-by-step video tutorials. The better you’re at holding their hands in problems, and offering valuable video-based solutions, the quicker you can expand your business visibility, and ultimately, your business growth.

So whether you’re starting a new venture or have several years of operating your business, it is beneficial to adopt these afore-shared marketing strategies to fuel your business growth.

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