Top 5 Examples of User Oriented Responsive Website Designs

With the changing technology, new trends are fast catching the interest of web designers and developers. There is no doubt that the trend of designing responsive websites is here to stay. With the increasing popularity of tablets and smart phones, the trend of mobile-friendly websites is also increasing. Different screen size equipments have changed the designers approach towards web designing.Before the growing use of mobile and small screen devices was observed, the primary challenged faced by web designers was to keep the same look of the website. However, increased browsing on the smart phones has changed everything. Multiple factors like screen-size, optimized markup, click verses touch, pixel resolution and many more became an important part of the web designing process.

Responsive Web Design

Are you still thinking what a responsive web design is? RWD or responsive web design includes designing and coding of the website in such a manner that it offers an optimal viewing experience to its users. The website must offer ease of navigation and reading along with minimum scrolling on a variety of devices varying from desktop screens to smart phones.

The web designer working on a responsive design should ensure that screen-layout, images, navigation elements, text and other user interface elements re-adjust themselves according to screen size. The responsive web design gives its owner the freedom to save his time and money as he is not required to spend unnecessary time on maintaining a desktop-site version and mobile-site version of the website.

Now that you are clear what really does a responsive web design means, let’s have a look at numerous advantages that can be availed by a person opting for responsive design while creating their website.

Increased Flexibility

Websites designed with responsive designs are super flexible which means that they are fluid sw-corporate-responsive-devicesand the content can easily move across all screen resolutions. The grids as well as the images are fluid and are similar to liquid. The content can fill the allotted space while retaining its appearance. Increased flexibility of the content and the images is the biggest advantage offered by a responsive web design.

User Experience

Content is regarded as the king on a website and is believed to attract the audience. However, user experience also plays a major role in retaining visitor’s interest on the website. Thus responsive design is all about offering an amazing user experience to the visitors. So whether you are viewing a website on an iPad, mobile phone, desktop computer or a smart TV, you will always get an optimal experience. Responsive design makes it easy for the professionals and college students to access a website even on the go. No unnecessary scrolling or resizing of the website is required by a visitor who wants to access your business website from his favourite gadget.

Increased Audience Base

According to an online study, a rise in the number of users using mobile and other handheldWealth-Tiers-Chart devices has been observed since the last year. People generally use their mobile phones to look for local service providers. In other words, this could mean that you will be losing on your potential customers if you do not have a responsive website for your business.

By having a responsive website you can easily reach out to your target audience. People like to revisit a website that offers good user experience. So target your audience by designing a responsive website. Customers visiting your website can eventually convert into sales. Therefore remember to give your customers a reason to buy your services or products.

Easy to Maintain

Two versions of a same site require separate SEO campaign, but a single responsive site would require a single well-planned strategy. Therefore, managing a single site is far easier than managing two separate websites and campaigns.

SEO Benefits

Responsive website has been the topic of discussion for a while. Although some SEO expertsSEO-Outsourcing-Benefits-300x231 think that responsive design is beneficial for SEO, others still believes that it does not really matter. On the other hand, Google suggests a responsive website in its recommended configuration for mobile website.

Display Specific Content

There are various instances where a website shows only the specified content on screens of certain sizes. However a responsive layout gives the freedom to turn the content on and off depending on the screen size. Therefore a responsive website only shows specific content, eliminating the need of unnecessary scrolling and clicking.

Eliminate the Need of Multiple Platform Apps

You might be tempted to design an application to target the audience using apple gadgets. But it will be beneficial if you can target android and windows phone users as well. A responsive website can be viewed on all the gadgets irrespective of their operating system. Therefore, it eliminates the need of designing a separate application to target different niches.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Your business website that does not work efficiently for mobile users will face the problem of reduce_bounce_ratehigh bounce rate. A mobile site can experience a high bounce rate if the content is dissimilar to the desktop website. This can drop the website’s ranking as Google will interpret the website to be irrelevant to user’s queries.

This is when a responsive website can help as it displays the same information present on the desktop site but in a functional way. In this way, users can get all the information they are looking for.

Responsive design is the best choice for your website because:

  • The content will be published only once, thus eliminating the risk of duplicate content.
  • SEO efforts put in the desktop version of the website are automatically applicable for mobile version as you have a single website.
  • Mobile users get an optimized version of the website increasing the chances of your website to rank higher in search engine results.
  • Responsive website is believed to be the best practice as it is recommended by Google.


Now let’s have a look at top 5 examples of responsive website designs that can be viewed from gadgets of different screen size: