Top 5 Podcasts Available for App Developers

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Top 5 Podcasts Available for App Developers

Podcasts have significantly grown its popularity in last few years. Podcasts are free audio programs which are distributed over the Internet. You can easily download them and listen anytime you want.

Podcasts are not that different than any other kind of radio program. Podcast creators distribute the episodes of their program over the Internet for everyone to listen to.

Different type of podcasts for app developers are-

1. Developer Tea-

Developer Tea is created and hosted by Jonathan Cutrell, CTO of Whiteboard. Developer tea is updated frequently and provide succinct and sharp overviews of different topics relating to life as a developer such as prototyping, code reviews, detailing and scaling features.

2. Turing-Incomplete Podcast-

Turing-Incomplete podcasts covers all the hot topics in software, including stories behind frustrations, growing tech communities, favorite aspects of programming, languages, and the struggles of shipping features effectively.

This particular podcast is hosted by Justin Campbell of HashiCorp, Jearvon Dharrie of Philly.RB, Pam Selle of IOpipe, and software consultant Len Smith.

3. JS Party-

JS Party covers all JS topics from front-end frameworks, web platforms, web animation, IoT, robotics, and more. Fresh episodes are broadcasted every Friday.

The JavasScript enthusiasts hosting this show are Rachel White of Microsoft, Mikael Rogers of Samsung next, and Alex Sexton of Stripe.

4. Adventures in Angular-

Adventures in Angular provides new content every week around the history of the framework, finding learning resources, and discussion on how it’s been used for building apps.

Each episode features different guests who share their own experiences with Angular.

5. React Native Radio-

React Native Radio is a weekly discussion of the techniques, tools, and technologies used to build mobile applications with JavaScript. React Native Radio episodes cover progressive web apps to building mobile apps, how to integrate with various tools and animating in React.

These above-mentioned podcasts are some of the best podcasts available for developers. For getting any kind of web designing, web development, and web hosting help you may also visit Best web Experts. We have expertise in providing all type of high-quality and reasonable technology services to our clients.

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