Top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins for 2015

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Top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins for 2015

Of all the top blogs, many of them rely on WordPress as it is easy to maintain content management system (CMS). With a variety of blogs competing for online attention this New Year, how would they be able to attract the right audience without a good SEO strategy in 2015? If you are planning to set up a new blog in WordPress, optimized content and its distribution must be on your priority list. Read on to increase your chances of being discovered online in 2015 by using one of the top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins.

1. All in One SEO Pack (View SiteAll in One SEO Pack

A WordPress SEO plug-in, All in One SEO Pack has been specially designed to optimize the WordPress blog automatically for different search engines including Yahoo and Google. All in one SEO pack offers the users an opportunity to submit the site map to a variety of search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google as it would help in improving the SEO.

It is the only plug-in that offers SEO integration for E-commerce websites. This plug-in automatically optimizes the titles and generate META tags for your website to increase its ranking on different search engines. It also helps businesses to avoid duplicate content on their blogs.

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast (View SiteWordPress SEO by Yoast

When we are taking about search engine optimization, WordPress is one of the best platforms to design a website as WordPress SEO Plugins for 2015 can take care of all the technical optimization. WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the top 5 WordPress SEO plugins that can help you to design a better website or a blog.

Keywords help in increasing the ranking of the website on different search engines therefore a keyword can be chosen to enhance the ranking of the blog or website by targeting that particular word or phrase. So, engaging and original content along with WordPress SEO by Yoast plug-in can help businesses to optimize their website in the New Year so that they become easily searchable on different search engine results.


SEO by Squirrly is the only plug-in that enable businesses to optimize their content along with measuring its success. It gives them advice on SEO as well as on the content of different articles. As we know that optimized articles get more internet traffic than the blogs or articles that are not optimized therefore using Squirrly as the WordPress SEO Plugins for 2015 would make your work easier.

By using this SEO plug-in, businessmen having different type of companies such as law firms, online magazines or E-commerce have reported a positive response from their customers. Squirrly works as an expert consultant that gives advice on how to optimize the content along with building a well planned SEO strategy.

4. SEO Ultimate (View SiteSEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is one of the 5 WordPress SEO plugins that will experience an increased popularity in 2015. This plug-in gives business owners full control over their title tags, 404 error, affiliate links, rich snippets among other things. SEO ultimate features are divided into different groups known as modules. These modules come equipped with a ‘help tab’ that has all the description about the features and information on how to use it. This all in one plug-in offers you a choice between two rewrite methods namely filtering and output buffering.

5. Platinum SEO Pack (View SitePlatinum SEO Pack

One of the best 5 WordPress SEO Plugins, platinum SEO pack come equipped with a variety of features. If you are using platinum SEO pack for your business website, you can easily optimize the page title. You can also avail complete on-site SEO solutions by opting for platinum SEO plug-in.

Platinum SEO plug-in helps different businessmen to avoid duplicate content in their WordPress blogs. Platinum SEO pack also helps you to override on Meta keyword and on Meta description as well. These plugins automates SEO to increase the visibility of your WordPress blog along with providing on-site SEO solutions. Platinum SEO plug-in is compatible with various versions of WordPress and helps to increase the visibility of your blog. Therefore, it lies in the category of must have WordPress SEO plugins for 2015.

This article outlines some popular SEO WordPress plug-in choices; however do not install each one of it. Each and every plug-in have some beneficial features but all these options are not necessary as they can unnecessarily complicate your website. Therefore before installing these plugins, test their performance to ensure that they do not increase the loading time of your business website.

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