Video Animation: Knowledge About Various Kinds of Animations

May 15, 2019 • Latest Technology News and Articles • Views: 363

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It really doesn’t matter which industry we talk about; video animations holds a great significance in every other professional industry of the world. Starting from the small business or start-ups to massive corporations, the use and benefits of the video animations are apparent in every way. The most crucial point that one has to understand is that one should understand which type of the video animation has to be developed for a particular purpose so that it would fulfill its mission and also helps to engage the audience.

For selecting the best type of animation, it is obligatory that one should possess the right knowledge about all the major types of video animations so that there will not be any confusion.

Categories of Animations

  1. 2D Video Animations

The most common type of video animations is believed to be 2D video animations. It is also true that 2D animations are the first ever to be launched that inaugurated the image of the animations to the world. The concept of the video animation of 2D is very simple as the entire thing is build-up on the two-dimensional space. The characters, objects, and the rest of the scene in the 2D video can be seen in flat figures. Most of the cartoons these days and all over is constructed in the 2D format for helping the kids, especially in their early development.

  1. 3D Video Animations

After 2D video animation become the hit, the experts of the industry strived to enhance the visualizations and create a better experience for the people all around the world. After their struggle day in and day out, they came up with the concepts of the 3D video animations. It is more enchanting as compared to the 2D video animations, and much more exciting to see. As the whole video is developed in the three-dimensional space, it gets more accessible for the animators to add depth, gravity effects, and other fascinating features in the figures to give it a more realistic effect. With the help of rendering it even get much easier to add the photorealistic effects in the video.

  1. 5D Video Animations

It might sound a unique and uncommon type of animation for everyone but, in today’s world, the dimensional representation of the animated characters and scenes can be calculated in more than just a round figure. Indeed, the technology has crossed its limits to provide the perfect combination of the two-dimensional figures with the essence of three-dimensional elements in it. In this type of video animation, you can see the movements of different patterns in the 3D-like space, whereas all the elements were created and designed in the 2D format. Multiple effects and different techniques are used to provide the 3D environment using all the 2D features.

  1. Whiteboard Video Animations

Whiteboard animation is the best way to tell any story or the whole scenario to someone with the help of the video representation. Whiteboard animation videos are mostly used by the big marketing companies to give a deeper meaning to the product and conveying the right message to the audience. The style of drawing is very simple as the layout is in completely in the black and white illustrations on a whiteboard to elucidate the entire concept. With the help of the whiteboard animations, the audience can gain clarity into the subject of discussion as the whole story will pop-up in front of them.

  1. Animated GIF Logo

Since GIF is the most effective way to get the attention of the audience, the technique has been applied in the logo designing as well. The method is not very common but and is practiced at very limited video animation agencies. It is believed to be the most attractive way to promote the name of the brand and create a hype about it.

  1. 2D Explainer Videos

2D explainer videos are popular for demonstrating different concepts to the clients or the audience. People often ask for the explainer videos to use them in the presentation to depict different strategies and statistic for the clients. Now, many of you would be thinking that it is not that difficult to get the explainer video services, and many of you might want to go to the cheaper solutions, but that’s like welcoming the damage. If you’re going to get the quality work, it is necessary that you should hire the professional animators to work on it.

  1. Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is basically the technical term to describe the nature of this unique kind of animation that deals with the movement of the texts and other textual figures. It might sound like a very simple job, but it is the perfect platform for the animators to play around with fonts and words. It is the best medium to transform any message into the best visual representation.

  1. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is one of the most trending animation technique that many organizations, websites, and various other professional industries are using to create a very captivating environment for the audience to enjoy and in order to engage them. In this specific type of video animation, the animated characters tend to perform actions. However, the scene in the background remains still in the motions graphics. Also, there are other countless trending features introduced to create the motion graphics video in a more enthralling way.

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