Ways Through Which Social Media Can Harm Your Business

October 15, 2014 • Internet Marketing Blog - SEO, SEM and SMO • Views: 1,095

Social Media


The significance of social media cannot be ignored these days. It is an effective medium to reach to a large customer base and spread information about your brand. If you do not possess enough knowledge to manage your channels on social media, then it can also harm your business. Below is a list of examples to help you learn about the pitfalls that various businesses run into:

  • Customer complaints: Earlier, it was possible for businesses to flourish in spite of having poor customer service or impolite owners. Owing to the influence of internet, the scenario has completely changed these days. Consumers these days have power to discuss about their experiences with a business with the help of online review websites. One unfavourable experience discussed on a review website can significantly affect the business as thousands of customers view it.
    It is not only the handling of customer service that matters, the prompt replies to customers’ woes are equally important. Research has shown that 42% customers who register complaints on social websites expect a reply within sixty minutes. Speedy response is vital for customers. If you are unable to handle customers’ woes in a quick and easy manner then social media can be a difficult game for you to play. Be polite to customers while responding to their questions.
  • Spamming: Those who are new to social media get a harsh awakening call once they get started. Many owners of business have adapted to the classic methods of advertising their brands. They shift to social media thinking that they can shout their messages on sites like Facebook and Twitter. They are still new to the notion of inbound marketing and they learn later that spamming internet users can lower down their image.
    The value in utilising social media as a tool for marketing and advertising relies on the trust that you build through the connections that you establish with your customers. Making use of social media tools just to promote your business can cast a negative impact on your customers.
  • Hash tags:Various companies dive into using hash tags on Instagram and Twitter without actually understanding how to make proper use of this tool. Hash tags when used correctly can prove to be a great method to capture the attention of audience while staying updated with trending topics and events.
    If you conduct required research to let yourself know the reason as to why a hash tag is trending, you can prevent yourself from an embarrassing situation. But in case you do not understand the meaning of it, you can face some really awkward moments. Do not forget to go through other tweets prior to understanding the origin of a hash tag.
  • The amount of exposure: The phone that you keep in your pocket almost the entire day possesses a lot of capabilities. Its inbuilt camera can capture all your personal moments and within no time expose them to public. Various sports icons and political figures have run into some really embarrassing situations with their racy pics on social media websites. Unlike a famous CEO or a celebrity, small business owners do not possess enough resources to handle such situations. So, if for some reason you do snap some racy images, keep those pictures to yourself only. After all, you do not want to lose your customers and integrity down the road.

Social media can prove to be a best method to engage your customers and boost your brand. But it can also serve to be disadvantageous if you do not take your brand’s account seriously. Stay professional and shun from scenarios that have anything that is inappropriate for your customers.

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